How youths can be part of the Forward Singapore initiative

The engagements under the Forward Singapore initiative will conclude in mid-2023.

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Published: 5 September 2022, 6:40 PM

Youths can now share their feedback and indicate their interest to participate in engagement sessions to shape the future of Singapore and its policies. 

This is part of the Forward Singapore initiative launched by Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong.

Those who wish to take part in these engagement sessions can indicate their interest on the Forward Singapore website. Interested parties will be notified of upcoming engagements near their respective Single Member Constituencies (SMCs) and Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs).

The Forward Singapore initiative, announced in June, seeks to review and refresh Singapore’s social compact through a series of year-long engagements with Singaporeans. It is an exercise for Singaporeans to come together, examine our values and aspirations, build consensus and refresh our social compact.

Throughout the engagements, Singaporeans will get to examine what they want to see in the future, what they should prioritise and what they are willing to contribute in order to get there.

The Forward Singapore initiative is organised along six pillars, with each overlooking the key aspects of Singaporean lives: Economy and Jobs (Empower), Education and Lifelong Learning (Equip), Health and Social Support (Care), Home and Living Environment (Build), Environmental and Fiscal Sustainability (Steward) and Singapore Identity (Unite).

These engagements will conclude in mid-2023 with a report that maps out policy recommendations.

To separately contribute ideas and views, youths can also fill in a feedback form. The submission, no longer than 5000 characters, can be on matters under any of the six pillars. 

Youths can also explore other opportunities to contribute their ideas to. These include events under the SG Mental Well-Being Network, the national platform that brings partners and citizens together to take action and strengthen the mental health and well-being outcomes in our society.

Earlier in July, the National Youth Council organised a National Youth Dialogue (NYD) on the topic of “Renewing Our Social Compact”.

For more content about Forward SG and how youths can participate, click here.

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