How to support our local artists in theatre, television and film

Supporting our local artists can be as easy as enjoying and appreciating their works.

Matthaeus Choo

Published: 2 July 2020, 3:39 PM

Despite playing an integral part in contributing to the country’s vibrancy, Singapore’s artists and creatives have long been under appreciated.

The different segments between them are vast, with multitudes of disciplines. We shine a spotlight on local productions – particularly theatre, television, and film productions – and here are some ways we can give our long overdue support.

Theatre companies


Local production Alkesah is available for streaming on YouTube!


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore’s small but tenacious theatre scene was already beset by a lack of funding and general lack of interest. The road to recovery for the industry will be long and arduous.

Even if theatres do open soon, productions would still have to abide safe distancing measures, leading to fewer audiences and further difficulties in staying afloat.

There are a few ways to support theatre companies in these trying times.

Esplanade has made some of their productions available online. Website is also a great resource for checking out plays and productions available for streaming.

Alternatively, you could also render monetary support during this period through donations via the companies’ donor programmes. Some of these theatre companies include PangdemoniumSingapore Repertory Theatre, and The Necessary Stage.

Local television series


Don’t miss the final season of the hit TV series Code of Law on meWATCH. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/MEDIACORP CHANNEL 5


Watching television series produced overseas has always been a favourite pastime for Singaporeans. Their ability to mesmerise and entertain has been particularly appreciated during the circuit breaker.

While most local series are unable to match the production values of their overseas counterparts, their overall quality can be severely underrated despite the budgetary differences.

One key way to support them is by simply giving them a shot. Viewership goes a long way in helping local productions.

meWATCH, previously known as Toggle, is a treasure trove of local television series with most available in their entirety for free.

One standout is the Code of Law series, which has quietly constructed a self-contained universe over the years with various spin-offs ala the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These include the forensic-focused Forensik and the gritty thriller Derek.

Another noteworthy mention is Titoudao, a magnificently constructed drama based on the life story of a Chinese theatre star. Detailed with gorgeous sets and costumes, the series is a much-needed life-affirming story for these melancholic times.

So dive into meWATCH’s catalogue and surprise yourself with what Singapore television can offer!

Local films


Local noir film A Land Imagined won Best Original Screenplay and Best Original Film Score at 2019’s Golden Horse Awards. PHOTO CREDIT: AKANGA FILM ASIA


Similar to local television productions, local films have had a bad reputation amongst youths for being largely inferior to big budget Hollywood productions. Still, local films – from large-scale productions to small, indie endeavours – have made their marks on the international stage winning a plethora of awards.

meWATCH has amassed an extensive collection on its platform. From award-winning features such as Boo Junfeng’s Sandcastle and Eric Khoo’s My Magic to beloved classics such as Jack Neo’s I Not Stupid series, there is something here for everyone.

Netflix isn’t just for binging on Friends and Brooklyn 99 multiple times as well. The streaming platform houses a few local productions, including 2019 Golden Horse Award winner A Land Imagined by Yeo Siew Hua.

If you’re looking for short bursts of quality entertainment, check out Viddsee for its pool of Singapore and Southeast Asian films.

Likewise, the Objectifs Film Library is filled with independent shorts by Singapore’s brightest filmmakers, with rental streaming available as low as USD$1.50 (S$2.09). Part of the rental fees will go towards supporting these filmmakers.

If you enjoyed these theatre productions, series, or films, do share their work with your friends and family! The most important help we could render our local artists is word of mouth and appreciation.

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