How to shop when you don’t know what to buy

"I have nothing to wear" will no longer dwell on your lips.

Angela Ouyang

Published: 28 September 2016, 3:42 PM

Too often, you hit the malls with high hopes of getting out of your weekly outfit cycle, but you end up back home with empty hands and an emptier wardrobe. Nothing catches your eye, but even when something does, it does not come in your size. Frustrating, I know.

Here are four things to keep in mind if you want to shop productively and make sure your wardrobe gets an update.

1. Window shopping usually equates to no shopping.

If you are out in the mall purely for the joy of shopping, window shopping is for you. But for the rest of us complaining about repeating outfits every few days, it is essential to shop with a goal in mind.

You rarely fall in love with something you see on the racks immediately. So decide what items you want in your wardrobe before going on a hunt for it.


Having a wish list is the first step to attaining your ideal wardrobe.


Making a wish list gives you an idea of which shop to head to and what to look for specifically. But of course, your wish list has to be realistic. You probably will not be able to find a rainbow-coloured, polka dot fur coat.

2. Set a “minimum number of pieces” target.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. This sometimes means you do not think about going home until you get your hands on a set number of pieces you need to purchase.

It may sound like a ridiculous plan to splurge all your savings away and then sink into the guilt of buyers’ remorse, but trust me, it will lower your sky high standards and open your eyes to the clothing pieces you never would have dared to try.

3. There’s no time to be embarrassed.




Do not be ashamed of going through sale or “uncool” racks! Too often, we miss out on good deals because we do not want to be seen in “aunty” looking shops. Not only are they affordable, the best thing about shopping there is that it saves you the frustration of wearing the same outfit as someone across the street!

You never know if you never try — hidden treasures are everywhere.

4. Try online shopping.


Zalora offers clothing from different brands – for both males and females.


You have scanned through every mall and you know each one inside out. Yet, your wardrobe keeps screaming for more. Online stores like ZaloraLazadaqoo10 and Taobao offer a wide variety of clothing, accessories and others at affordable prices.

Besides being spoilt for choice, Zalora and Lazada have refund policies for fickle minded shoppers. Plus you get to save up on transport fares for stores that offer free shipping!

Having items delivered to your doorstep while you shop in the comfort of your own home…how convenient is that?

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