How to minimise your spendings in the upcoming 11.11 sales

The sales are gonna be tempting, so we need to shop strategically.

Ardini Insyirah

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Published: 5 November 2020, 3:54 PM

As we approach the end of the year, the sales just seem to get crazier. 

From the Great Singapore Sales to 10.10 sales, these events are happening back to back. If you feel like you’re running out of money, no, there’s no hole in your wallet, that’s just you voluntarily taking cash out of it to spend on things impulsively.

With the 11.11 sales coming up, here are some ways you can manage your spendings and resist the temptations: 

1. Set a budget

Plan your purchases, set a realistic budget and stick to it. PHOTO CREDITS: KELLY SIKKEMA VIA UNSPLASH


First and most importantly, you need to know how much you can afford to spend. It is important to keep track of your spendings so that you don’t exceed your budget. Else, you might end up going into debt and not even that sense of regret can save you from it. 

With that budget, you can shortlist the things you plan to get during this period. Looking through your list, ask yourself how much you actually need or want it. You wouldn’t want to spend on something you won’t end up using or wearing, right? 

No matter how good the deal seems, if it’s not something you want or need, it’s not saving money.

2. Compare deals

After shortlisting the items, you can start looking for deals and compare them to find the ones that represent the most value for your money. These deals may differ across the different distributors so keep an eager eye on it! These could be bundle deals or a single-product discount.

Note that there may be more sales online than in physical stores, so be sure to double check both!

When looking through online deals, you can also use comparison websites like for convenience.

3. Use your rewards

Check for rewards or cashback deals that you may have before proceeding to checkout. PHOTO CREDITS: MATTHEW KWONG VIA UNSPLASH


Credit card rewards, coins, shopping vouchers, cashback deals, everything!

Collate all that you have and see which are applicable for the items that you’re planning to purchase. 

Before checking out, you can do a quick Google search of all the promotions there could be with the cards you have. However, be careful not to do it the other way and use these rewards as a reason to spend on things you don’t necessarily need.

When used efficiently, these extra savings can go a long way when accumulated.

4. Stay offline as much as possible

These Instagram ads will creep onto your feed when you least expect it. PHOTO CREDITS: YOUTHOPIA.SG/ARDINI INSYIRAH


Marketers are good at their jobs. Even when you’re off their websites, they can still find ways to reach you through advertising. You can catch them on Instagram ads, Youtube ads, Facebook – or any other social media platforms you can name. 

Once you’ve got all that you need, immediately check out and make payment. Avoid looking at other deals that will only tempt you. This can result in getting more than you intended and you might just end up overspending.

You can even go as far as installing applications like LeechBlock and StayFocusd that help you block websites of your choice.

5. Avoid spending more to "save"

Have you ever found yourself looking to add items into your cart just to meet the free shipping quota? 

Unless the quota is close to your total, it’s better to stick to what you have in your shopping cart and just pay for the shipping fees. Otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot more than you need to. 

The free shipping quota is there to make you spend more than you intend to, so don’t fall for it.

It’s easy to overspend when everything you want and need is just a tap away. These 11.11 sales definitely do not make it any easier to control our spendings, but if you put your mind to it, you can minimise your spendings.

Resist the temptations and you won’t regret it later.

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