How to find your passion

Don't just survive. Live for your own purpose.

Charity Chan

Published: 13 August 2015, 5:17 PM

I have reached a point in life where people start asking me these questions: “What are you going to do after poly?”, “Work or continue studying?”

Well, a typical Singaporean student would take the “conventional route” and apply for university.

These days, I am proud to see more youths finding their passions and fearlessly pursuing them despite the obstacles that will come along. For example, the founders of Sunrise Odyssey, a couple who left their full-time jobs to start a travel website, recently documented their travelling experiences, inspiring other youths with their wanderlust adventures.


Gina (left) and Daniel (right), the pair that started Sunrise Odyssey.
Photo credit: Sunrise Odyssey


Logically speaking, some passions do not pay well. However, when you pursue your passion with much zest, naturally, success may follow. This is a form of happiness that money cannot buy.

After all, life is too precious to waste it on chasing objectives that do not give meaning to our lives.

Truth is, nothing ever comes easy. For some, finding their interest may be challenging. Either you are too spoilt for choice, or you have yet to discover what makes your heart beat with liveliness.


Photo credit: Pixteller


Here are five ways that can help you discover what you enjoy doing.

1. Participate in new activities


Sometimes, doing something new or risky can help trigger your undiscovered passions.
Photo credit: Ohshetravels


Unleash the inner adventure junkie in you, and get involved in activities that you have never tried before.

For example, you could learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby. As you expose yourself to different environments, you might discover new interests that could turn out to be your new passion.

2. Freelance at companies that interest you


Find a job to your liking, and see if that is what you want to commit in the future.
Photo credit: Coolbusinessideas


Looking for a sign if that career is suited for you? Start researching on companies that have the same objectives as yours, and send them your resumes. Your valuable experience from these internships or freelance gigs will bring you one step closer towards recognising your passion.

3. Slow down by meditating or writing


Taking strolls along the beach helps to clear your thoughts.
Photo credit: Memoriesproject


Sometimes, taking a retreat from the hustle and bustle of life gives us a much needed break for us to listen to ourselves.

Try meditating or penning your thoughts down, and give your mind a breather. With a clearer mind, your might just find the missing pieces that you are searching for.

4. Volunteer for a good cause


Youth volunteers bringing smiles to the public with their simple acts.


Doing good deeds, such as volunteering at charitable organisations, can help you tap into areas that might pique your interests and touch your hearts. These platforms can stir a sense of purpose, propelling you towards the direction you were meant to pursue.

5. Travel overseas 


Photo credit: Triingforpro


This may not be the most wallet-friendly option, as most do not have the luxury of travelling. However, if the doors are open to you, do not hesitate! The experience you get from experiencing new cultures and environment can inspire you to discover something you are passionate about.

Even if you have decided not to pursue your passion, I respect that. Still, you only live once (YOLO), so why not make the best out of your existence? Who knows, chasing your goals might inspire others who are trying to do the same as well.

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