How to find out where you can spend your $100 CDC vouchers

Over 11,000 vendors accept the vouchers now.

Alicia Ang

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Published: 24 December 2021, 12:40 PM

Earlier this month, the Government announced that each Singaporean household would be eligible to redeem $100 worth of vouchers from Community Development Councils (CDCs). 

This was to thank Singaporeans for supporting local hawkers and merchants during the pandemic, and to encourage them to keep doing so. 

To make it easier for Singaporeans to spend the vouchers, the CDCs have set up the site CDC Go Where, which allows users to key in their street name or postal code to find the nearest heartland vendors or hawkers near them that accept the vouchers.

The CDCs are also advertising this scheme on social media, and participating vendors will display this decal to show that the vouchers can be redeemed at their shop.


This decal will be pasted at participating stores. IMAGE CREDIT: CDC GO WHERE


The website will be periodically updated as more vendors join, with over 11,000 shops under the scheme at the moment. Currently, 82 per cent of participating outlets have received at least one CDC voucher transaction. 

Since the scheme was launched, two-thirds of Singaporean households have redeemed their CDC vouchers, and over seven million dollars worth of vouchers have been spent. 

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