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How can help us ‘brave the new’ and beyond

Because knowing is half the battle won.

Matthaeus Choo

Published: 8 March 2021, 5:29 PM

As the pandemic rages on, mental wellness continues to be a paramount issue faced by many Singaporeans today. 

Mental health issues are perhaps even more devastating than COVID-19 as they often come without any telltale signs and with many unequipped to help or seek help.

However, amidst this difficult period for all, there have been sparks of progress to be celebrated. More Singaporeans have courageously taken the first step and sought help for their mental health issues

Launched last July,, an active collaborator of the SGUnited’s Brave The New campaign, is aimed to further assist Singaporeans looking for mental and emotional support.

While no substitute for professional help, the slick and interactive website can be an important first touchpoint of assessment and preliminary help. It can also be invaluable for those looking to better their mental wellbeing, or for those looking to better understand and help their loved ones battered by emotional and mental distress.

Here is a quick virtual tour of and how the website can help us tide through the dark periods of our life.

1. A wealth of easily-accessible and easily-digestible information



In October last year, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) Edwin Tong shared with social entrepreneur Isaac Ong over an Instagram Live conversation about the multi-layered approach the government is employing to strengthen mental health wellness. 

This is made immediately apparent with a visit to Resources to common and pressing issues are a click away, with preliminary assessments connecting visitors to the most suitable forms of assistance. 

Poke around further and the site will also direct visitors to The website is home to a bevy of articles, penned by local professionals, regarding an array of topics from mental health issues to brief guides on navigating common issues. These include primers on self-care for seniors to resources on maintaining family relationships through the pandemic. 

The website also includes a one-stop page for all the upcoming online events organised by Temasek Foundation and its community partners. Another link to similarly houses essential information and resources.

In all, these websites offer opportunities to better understand and handle our own and our loved ones’ emotional ups and downs. 

2. Wysa



Something else that might catch your eye on is the cute, cuddly penguin Wysa. Other than being busy stealing our hearts, Wysa also mainly functions as a chatbot for visitors and is available round the clock. 

Together with Wysa, users can work through their thoughts and emotions through reflection exercises. Akin to journaling, the penguin will ask guiding questions to help you better understand your mindset. 

Being an AI penguin, however, does limit the responses Wysa can offer. For Wysa to truly help, you will need to be honest with the chat bot.

That said, users won’t have to worry about their private conversations as all information shared is strictly anonymous..

3. Self-care exercises to help better manage your emotions



There are a ton of apps and sites out there which offer guided breathing and meditation exercises. However, most of their full features tend to be hidden behind paywalls and subscription services. Thankfully for us, features similar offerings all for free.

Following a brief assessment, the website will recommend sets of self-care exercises spanning topics from stress and anxiety to confidence building. Most of these are presented in short audio chunks, making them perfect for a quick pick-me-up or to cap off a busy day. 


4. Stories of strength and resilience



Mental illness, melancholy and anxiety will plunge anyone to the depths of loneliness where it seems like there is no one else who can relate. 

With its collection of stories, reflections and articles under the Brave The New movement, offers some solace.

Videos, initiatives and programmes aiming to strengthen solidarity are but a few clicks away. Back at, visitors will be graced by articles and stories where writers share their experiences and bouts. 

Opportunities to give





Volunteering can be an invaluable way to bolster mental wellbeing while bringing joy to the lives of others. 

Perhaps what is most valuable about is how it presents opportunities to give to the community. 

Volunteering with the SG Healthcare Corps will place you in the frontlines of the ongoing battle with COVID. HealthServe volunteers are dedicated to improving the lives of migrant workers battered by the pandemic. No matter the cause, we may all find comfort in knowing that having a heart of gold would be what makes us shine the brightest.

We are still in uncertain times. If you are feeling stressed or anxious and are not sure who or where you can turn to, may just be the companion that can help you learn more about how you can support yourself and your loved ones in improving your mental wellbeing.

If you are looking for more mental well-being resources, check out Youthopia’s resource page with everything from mental health self-assessments to tips for coping with challenging seasons in life.

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