Households in Singapore can collect Bloobox recycling box from March 2023

Residents from five constituencies in the pilot phase can collect their Blooboxes from now till Dec 23.

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Published: 28 November 2022, 4:34 PM

Every residential household in Singapore can collect a home recycling box, known as Bloobox, from March 2023, announced the National Environment Agency (NEA) in a press release on Saturday (Nov 26).

The foldable home recycling box is designed by NEA in collaboration with a team of students from the Singapore Institute of Technology. As part of the Recycle Right campaign, it encourages the regular habit of recycling at home.

Five constituencies are included in the pilot phase of the Bloobox collection. Residents from Fengshan, Sembawang West, Tampines North, Yio Chu Kang, Tampines North and Yuhua can collect a Bloobox per household from Nov 26 to Dec 23. 

The boxes can be found at vending machines located at Community Clubs and other locations in the constituencies.

Any household member registered at the residential address who is a Singaporean Citizen or long-term resident can collect the Bloobox for their household by keying in or scanning a barcode of their NRIC or FIN number. 

They can also check the locations and of the nearest vending machines and the stock levels online


One Bloobox can also hold up to five kilograms of paper, plastic, metal, glass recyclables or e-waste. PHOTO CREDIT: NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT AGENCY


The Blooboxes have labels to help identify recyclables. It also contains a removable divider to separate small e-waste items like light bulbs and batteries.

Residents can empty their Blooboxes by placing the recyclables in a blue recycling bin or recycling chute and dispose of their e-waste through e-waste bins. The boxes can then be reused after washing.

Details on the collection of Blooboxes for the rest of Singapore households will be available at a later date.

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