Hougang HDB block residents to undergo second COVID-19 testing after new cluster forms

The mandatory PCR tests will take place on Jun 4 and Jun 5.

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Published: 4 June 2021, 12:06 PM

All residents and visitors of Block 506 Hougang Avenue 8 will have to undergo a second round of mandatory COVID-19 tests, announced the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Thursday (Jun 3).

The announcement comes after a new cluster was linked to the block, pushing the total number of cases in the cluster to 13. This included a 58-year-old homemaker who was among the 35 new cases reported on Thursday.

Shop staff of seven neighbouring blocks will also have to undergo the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test after COVID-19 viral fragments were detected in wastewater samples collected, the MOH said.

The seven neighbouring blocks are Block 511 Hougang Avenue 10, Blocks 681, 683 and 684 Hougang Avenue 8, Block 682 Hougang Avenue 4, and Blocks 685 and 698 Hougang Street 61.

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing will be conducted on Jun 4 and Jun 5 from 9am to 4pm at the void deck at Block 507 Hougang Avenue 8. 

Those who miss their tests on these dates can take the PCR test on Jun 6 or Jun 7 from 9am and 4pm at the tented pavilion of Block 685A Hougang Street 61. 

The second round of testing is conducted to curb the spread of the virus in the community and to detect cases who were still incubating the virus in the first round of testing

“In the event that a positive case is detected, MOH will isolate the case, identify all close contacts, test and quarantine them to protect the community from further transmission,” MOH said. 

Residents of the seven neighbouring blocks in Hougang Avenue 8, as well as those who visited the blocks from May 19 to Jun 3, are also encouraged to undergo the voluntary PCR testing. 

They will receive leaflets and SMS notifications from the ministry regarding the test. They are also advised to keep track of their health and visit a doctor immediately should they feel unwell.

Those who are still awaiting their PCR results are advised to minimise their social interactions as much as possible.

MOH said that they had already tested 828 residents and visitors of Blocks 501 and 507 Hougang Avenue 8. As of Thursday, 680 individuals tested negative, while one has tested positive. 

Investigations are still ongoing to determine linkages and the source of the COVID-19 transmission.

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