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Horror stories from working in the nightlife

Working the nightlife isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

Anisah Azmi

Published: 29 March 2017, 12:00 AM

We’ve heard plenty of clubbing horror stories, where people party, get drunk out of their minds, and land themselves in pretty terrible situations.

But what about the heroes that have to clean up the mess after the party’s over? Or the ones that have to keep a cool head while dealing with intoxicated patrons at 2AM in the morning?

These are the stories of the heroes of the night, and the horrors they have had to endure.

Bartender blues

“I was working as a bartender two years back and had to close shop at around 4AM. The bar was empty, except for one lady I served that had passed out in one of the booths. Her friends left her there all alone.


I tried to wake her up, but she was out cold.
Posed photo: Youth.SG/Audrey Leong


I rummaged through her bag, found her address and got her a cab, but the cab driver wouldn’t let me leave an unconscious woman in his car alone. So, I had to send her back as well.

When we reached the destination, she was semi-conscious and could barely stand. I carried her to her front door, where she tried, very horribly, to seduce me. Then she puked on me and begged me to stay the night. For the record, I didn’t.

I work in the kitchen now, where I can avoid such incidents.” – Riska, 25, Cook

Don’t mess with the doorgirl

“I helped to manage a lot of my friend’s events after I turned 18, and work was usually fun. All I did was check ICs, collect entrance fees, and enjoy the music from outside.

One particular night, I had to manage two girls that were supposed to serve people complimentary food and drinks.

The two girls, whom I had just met that day, decided to either get drunk on the job or got high on god knows what, and went insane! They danced instead of working, hugged customers obnoxiously, screamed at their faces, and refused to do their jobs.


These girls were out of their minds, and out of control!
Posed photo: Youth.SG/David Yip


The patrons were unhappy, and I had to kick the girls out and do their jobs while managing the door. They made a big fuss out of it and tried to sneak back into the event multiple times!” – Nina, 21, Student

The unknowing waiter

“It was a holiday job I took up after my ‘O’ levels. I was working at a café bistro bar at Dempsey Hill. They cater to people with a higher income, serving pricier dishes.

One particular night, I had to serve a table of three seated at the far end; a couple and their friend. While taking their order, I noticed the friend was being particularly smiley towards me. Thinking that he was just being nice, I made friendly conversation and gave their table the best service.

When they were leaving, he called me to their table and tipped me $50. I thanked him and as I walked away, he reached out and slapped my butt.

At least I got $50.” – Stanley, 22, Student


I didn’t know how to react, so I quickened my steps and got away.
Posed photo: Youth.SG/Anisah Azmi


Bouncers don’t bite

“Working as a bouncer doesn’t always involve violence, but most of the time it does.

There was a group of expats that were making trouble inside of a club, harassing people and being an overall nuisance. I managed to drag two of them out by their collars, and when we were outside, they started to argue because they wanted to get back in.

Out of nowhere, one of their girlfriends threw a high heel at me and a friend of theirs jumped on me and bit me on the face.


I couldn’t believe someone would do that to fight back. Who does that?!
Posed photo: Youth.SG/Anisah Azmi


Yes, he bit my cheek. I’m a pretty big guy so they were easy to brush off, and my colleagues restrained all of them.

But still, who bites someone on the cheek!?” – Rahman, 24, Bouncer

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