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Hong Kong bus tour drives 83km to help passengers fall asleep

For once you won’t have to worry about missing your stop.

Amanda Tan

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Published: 25 November 2021, 10:17 AM

The best naps are always on long bus rides home, right?

As you tune in to your favourite playlist, you look out the window and watch sceneries flash by. Soon after, with your head against the window, you quietly doze off into dreamland.

But all that is ruined when you’re being jolted awake by the sudden brakes of the bus, only to be met with the worst feeling ever — realising you’ve missed your stop. 

To put an end to those days of nasty disruptions, a tour agency in Hong Kong came up with the genius idea to start a Sleeping Bus Tour.

Launched by Ulu Travel, customers can pay HK$99-HK$399 (S$17-S$70) to board a coach which takes them on a five hour journey around the island so that they can fall asleep peacefully.

The tour package comes along with ear plugs, sleeping masks and of course, absolute silence.

Prices vary depending on the “class of cabin” chosen, with seats on the upper deck costing more. These cabins include the Zero-decibel Sleeping Cabin – which is considered the Business and Economy class – the VIP Panorama Cabin on the upper deck and the newly set up Extra-Legroom Cabin on the lower deck.

Due to busy schedules, most people in Hong Kong make use of their precious commute time to sleep. As such, most of them now find it easier to fall asleep on the seats of a public bus rather than a soft mattress in the comfort of their homes.

Mr Frankie Chow, president of Ulu Travel, said he tried to pick routes with as few traffic lights as possible to reduce stops that might wake passengers.

The tour begins at Tsuen Wan, before ending five hours later at Tsuen Wan West, the total journey being a whopping 83km.

However, the tour starts even before passengers board the double-decker. As part of the experience, passengers get to enjoy a two-course “Food Coma Lunch” at Tsuen Wan so as to get ready for the ultimate nap of a lifetime.

While the main aim of the tour is for passengers to get a good rest, the bus also drives by scenic places such as the aircraft maintenance area in Chek Lap Kok and Inspiration Lake near Disneyland so passengers can snap some touristy shots and feel as if they’re travelling again.

If Singapore ever decides to launch a similar tour, would you be interested?

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