Here are Youthopia writers’ very own SGMojis

Our writers also share what makes their SGMojis uniquely Singaporean.

Low Jia Ying

Can be found watching true crime documentaries or tending to my growing collection of houseplants.

Published: 14 July 2021, 12:08 PM

In light of Youth Month and National Day, the National Youth Council launched SGMoji, a Singaporean-themed Memoji.

NYC is also offering the opportunity to win a $500 Secret Lab gift card if you create your own SGMoji and share it on social media.

We invited our own writers to create their own SGMojis and to share what it represents.

Effie Tan


My SGMoji represents my ethnicity in Singapore, a Garden City where people of different races and cultures live together. Regardless of race, language or religion, we are all equal as our togetherness, unity and respect keep the Singapore Spirit strong.

Noreen Shazreen


My SGMoji character is portrayed in a Malay baju kurung, holding a camera with Gardens By The Bay as the backdrop. I chose to wear the baju kurung as it pays homage to my Malay roots and makes me feel proud of my culture.

I carry my Canon DSLR with me everywhere I go because I enjoy photography and Gardens By The Bay has always been my favourite go-to hangout spot with my friends. When I was a freelance photographer, I often took my clients to Gardens By The Bay to shoot some photos, as shown in this SGMoji! It is where I’ve made some of my fondest memories during my freelance photography days.

Lastly, the sticker, “This is home, truly”, symbolises my love and pride to call this island my home. For me, the Singaporean identity is all about supporting our local communities and celebrating hawker culture!

Stacey Tay


As we aren’t able to travel overseas, my SGMoji captures how I’m a tourist in my own country by visiting Singapore’s iconic landmarks. I always have my phone or camera with me on the go to take many pictures, and I’m sure there are some fellow Singaporeans who do the same.

I also added the #FOMO sticker because I don’t want to miss out on the fun! My dream for Singapore is that the country continues to prosper and to be more harmonious especially during the current pandemic!

Naren Lee Sankar


My SGMoji represents my willingness to carry on despite my disability. I am happy to remain in Singapore because it is very accessible.

Suci Khalisa Zulkiflee


My SGMoji is depicted in a Malay baju kurung, carrying teh in one hand and an iPad in the other. I chose to wear my ethnic costume as it makes me feel deeply connected with my culture and traditions. 

The items in my hands symbolise the things that I cannot live without – our local hawker culture and advanced technology. The take-away drink packet of teh reminds me of our hawker culture, as that’s where my family and I would usually get our kopi/teh fix from! The iPad represents all the digital devices I have in my life, be it my personal gadgets or the smart features our public spaces have for everyone’s use such as being able to go cashless. 

My background is Gardens by the Bay, our national garden and a horticultural attraction for locals and tourists alike. It holds a special place in my heart, but not just for its stunning greenhouse domes and skywalk – it was a place I’ve worked at before for a year, where I met many good friends, supervisors and tourists. Working there made me realise how lucky we are as Singaporeans to have many beautiful spots in our homeland for us to be proud of. Looking back on those times, I now know that the Singapore Spirit lies in our tenacity to work hard and be the best in all that we do. 

Lastly, I chose a sticker that says “need help?” because I love helping other people. I hope that in the midst of growing up, reaching for certificates and getting caught up in the whirlwind that is adulthood, I do not forget to slow down and help the ones lagging behind.

Sitoh Shanice


I feel that my SGMoji represents the variety of Singapore food. Since we are so racially diverse, there is a wide variety of delicious food across all ethnic groups!

Create your own SGMoji here.

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