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Health Promotion Board to roll out vape-free campaign targeted at youths in late 2022

There will not be penalties for those who wish to seek professional assistance to quit vaping.

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Published: 10 May 2022, 4:05 PM

A vape-free campaign, informing the dangers of vaping, will be launched by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Health Promotion Board (HPB) in late 2022. 

The campaign, which will be communicated through digital platforms, is targeted at youths and young adults.

Through the campaign, youths and young adults will be reminded of the harms of vaping as well as the consequences for offences related to prohibited tobacco products.

This was announced in a written parliamentary answer on May 9 by Minster of Health Ong Ye Kung. He was responding to a question by Member of Parliament Melvin Yong regarding measures to prevent e-cigarettes from flowing into Singapore from Malaysia.

Since Singapore and Malaysia reopened their borders, the number of vape and tobacco-related offences has seen an increase.

Between Jan 1 and mid-April 2022, at least 300 people were caught importing vaporisers and other related items through the Causeway, said Mr Ong.

While the opening of borders does pose a risk of increased illicit smuggling of vaporisers, they can also be obtained through e-commerce platforms and “enter Singapore by mail packages even when borders are closed”, he added.

Apart from the upcoming campaign, existing smoking cessation efforts such as the I Quit programme run by HPB are also in place. Through the programme, participants are supported for up to six months to quit smoking but they may join the programme repeatedly if they require more assistance. 

Those who wish to quit vaping will not be penalised when they come forward to seek professional help or participate in cessation programmes.

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