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Gucci releases their cheapest shoes: $12 virtual sneakers

At just $12, these digital sneakers won’t break the bank.

Celeste Lim

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Published: 23 March 2021, 11:12 AM

A good pair of sneakers usually retails for $100 or more. But what if you could own a pair of Gucci sneakers for just $12?

Here’s the catch: you can only wear them virtually.

Luxury brand Gucci collaborated with augmented reality (AR) fashion app Wanna to create the Gucci Virtual 25 shoes, which only exist in the virtual world.

Named after the favourite number of Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michelle, the chunky shoes are predominantly neon green with touches of equally bright pink, orange and blue.


Instead of traditional laces that hold a shoe together, the Gucci Virtual 25 features a dial emblazoned with the brand’s iconic “GC” logo. PHOTO CREDIT: GUCCI


After purchasing the virtual shoes, they can be “worn” by aiming the camera at your feet – much like applying an Instagram face filter. Proceed to snap away and feel free to flex your new digital kicks on social media!

Buying the shoes via the Gucci app also unlocks an in-game downloadable version of the sneakers. Players can let their avatars wear the shoes on multiplayer virtual reality game VRChat and online universe game Roblox.

This is not Gucci’s first foray into virtual clothes – in January this year, the brand’s mobile app started AR try-ons for their shoes and watches.

They have also provided characters from Zepeto, Sims 4 and Pokémon GO with virtual Gucci-branded clothing and accessories. 


Gucci’s collaboration with Zepeto allowed users to dress in Gucci apparel and visit the “Gucci villa”. PHOTO CREDIT: GUCCI


Other virtual shoes available on the Wanna app include the Nike Airmax shoes, Adidas Yeezys, and Louis Vuitton LV trainers. 

The Gucci Virtual 25 shoes can be purchased for US$8.99 (S$12) on the Wanna app, or US$11.99 (S$16) on the Gucci app.

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