Government to share some plans for update in policies based on feedback in Forward Singapore exercise during Budget 2023

The next phase of the exercise will go deeper into specific issues.

Nigel Chin

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Published: 10 February 2023, 3:51 PM

The Government has “worked to update its policies” based on feedback and ideas shared during the Forward Singapore exercise. 

Some of these plans will be shared at the upcoming Budget on Feb 14, said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Lawrence Wong. 

In a TikTok video posted on his channels on Friday (Feb 10), DPM Wong updated that the Government has engaged about 14,000 Singaporeans across 140 sessions held in neighbourhoods, schools and online. 

The Forward Singapore exercise, launched in June 2022 by Mr Wong and his team of fourth generation leaders, was aimed at working with Singaporeans to renew the country’s social compact

Among the views and ideas shared by Singaporeans were social mobility and inequality, uplifting those with less, reskilling and upskilling to secure good jobs, as well as aspirations and concerns about raising families.

On the Forward Singapore website, it was added that Singaporeans felt that current definitions of merit and success are too narrow. Traditional yardsticks of success are still emphasised, including performing well academically and securing a white-collar career, which is seen as better-paying and more prestigious. 

Stark disparities in rewards and recognition across the job market was an issue raised, while Singaporeans want to see the society embrace broader, different definitions of success. 

Singaporeans also wanted more attention devoted to mental health education and support. 

On the topic of housing, Singaporeans acknowledged land and space constraints, but agreed that Singapore should continue to be a home-owning society and that public housing policies should support the needs of families, prioritise genuine homeowners and promote social cohesion. 

The next phase of the exercise will focus on more targeted engagements that “go deeper into specific issues and co-create solutions with all of you”, said Mr Wong. 

The exercise will conclude in the second half of 2023, where the collective vision and recommendations will be shared in a Forward Singapore report, said the Ministry of Communications and Information on Friday. 

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