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Google Search’s new feature shows venues screening FIFA World Cup matches

Users can also play multiplayer online games with other fans during real-life matches on Google Search.

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Published: 6 December 2022, 4:36 PM

Google introduced an all-new “where to watch the world cup near me” search feature to help FIFA World Cup fans find nearby venues to catch the games. 

This feature is available from Tuesday (Dec 6) on the Google Search page.

After typing the phrase into the search bar, Google will list locations located near the user, with the label “Showing the World Cup” to confirm upcoming matches will be shown there. 


The label (circled in red) will launch ahead of the respective matches so fans can pick their preferred location ahead of time. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM GOOGLE


Google also previously rolled out specific features to help fans prepare for World Cup tournaments. 

By searching for “World Cup” on Google, users are able to follow their favourite teams and get updates on them. 


Those who would like to receive notifications on their favourite squad can simply click on the bell in the top-right-hand corner. PHOTO CREDIT: GOOGLE


In-depth information on each match can also be obtained from Google, if needed. 

Google Search will provide fans with in-depth stats, win probabilities and key events timelines, when they look up a match. They can also look up their favourite players and learn more about their stories and accomplishments. 

To engage football fans more, Google has also added multiple interactive elements. 

One such example on Google Search allows fans to rate players based on how they think they will perform and see how that rating stands up against the others. 

There is also a multiplayer online game, which allows people from around the world to work together to help their team score the most amount of goals to win. 


In the game, fans can pick their team and work with other fans to score the most virtual goals before the real-life match ends. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM GOOGLE


Android users are also in luck as they will be able to pin scores on their screens to keep track of the games. 

Fans can also get access to exclusive World Cup content from YouTube, where exclusive Shorts and long-form content is available under the hashtag #ShortsFIFAWorldCup. 

There will also be daily recap videos available on Search from FIFA+ and official broadcasters, that allow fans to rewatch wow moments from matches. 

Those with a Google TV device will be able to tune in to everything from the group stage to the finale as well.  Live matches will be featured in the “For you tab”, while a new row will enable users to explore World Cup content like live games, highlights, recaps and more. 

These updates on Google TV are available on the new Chromecast with Google TV and other Google TV devices including Hisense, Philips, Sony and TCL.

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