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Google Pay’s Huat Pals making a comeback from Jan 25 to Feb 15

This year, there will be five new characters alongside the returning BB Loh.

Nicki Chan

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Published: 24 January 2022, 1:17 PM

Google Pay’s Huat Pals is set to return this Chinese New Year, so here’s another fun opportunity to earn some cashback with your friends. 

Developed and first introduced last year, Huat Pals is a game where users collect CNY inspired characters on the Google Pay app.

Users can earn these characters through taking in-app actions such as payments and referrals. After successfully collecting all five characters, Google Pay would then give a random cashback reward amount between $8.88 and $88.88.

This year, Google Pay will be introducing five new characters, on top of the returning BB Loh. The first revealed new Huat Pal is the main character Tiggy. Users will have to help find and reunite Tiggy with five unique characters.

Once reunited, users will win a grand hamper containing a cashback reward worth up to $88.88 and an exclusive partner voucher from the likes of FairPrice Online, Flash Coffee, foodpanda and Shopee. 

Tiggy, the tiger character, is the first new Huat Pal revealed. IMAGE CREDIT: GOOGLE PAY


The game was so popular last year that it inspired viral memes and even articles, mostly concerning the elusive character, BB Loh, that was the hardest to collect. Users can expect similar game mechanics for this year’s edition of the game.


It was common for players to repeatedly receive the lantern character Lenny, instead of BB Loh. IMAGE CREDIT: FACEBOOK/MEMES N DREAMS


Huat Pals will return for its second run this year from Jan 25 to Feb 15. You can download Google Pay on the Apple app store or on the Google Play Store.   

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