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Google Pay launches Hawker Pals game; reintroduces ‘Hawker Scanner’ to reward users with partner vouchers

Users will stand a chance to win a cashback reward of up to $105 upon the completion of all four rounds.

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Published: 8 August 2023, 3:27 PM

Google Pay has launched a new in-app mini game to celebrate Singapore’s 58th birthday, as well as Singaporeans’ love for food.

Called Hawker Pals, users must satisfy the appetites of four visiting pals from Aug 8 to 20: Meow Shanwang, Orh Lua & Orh nee, Merina Baey, and a mystery customer. Similar to Huat Pals, which makes its appearances during the Chinese New Year festive period, this can be done by completing various daily actions.

It includes sending at least $10 to a friend who is on Google Pay, making a PayNow/FavePay transaction of at least $3 to merchants on Google Pay and completing a short trivia on Singapore.

Through these actions, users can serve three well-loved local dishes such as steamed egg and chilli crab to each of the four hawker pals. Each completed round will reward users with a scratchcard, and accumulating all four will allow users to stand a chance to receive a cashback reward of up to $105 and other merchant vouchers.

Google Pay has also reintroduced its “Hawker Scanner” to reward users with more partner vouchers. Employing image recognition technology, the app enables users to scan everyday items they come across, such as fruits, vegetables and hawker centre offerings.

Each successful scan will earn users vouchers from partners such as JBL, Sephora, 6ixty8ight or Sony as well as local brands such as Irvin’s, Gain City, Ryde, Suntec+ or TADA.

Google said that the love for hawker food is “unparalleled here in Singapore”, with “hawker centres” being one of the top searched topics related to food in the past six months.

On Aug 9, Google Doodle will commemorate Singapore’s 58th birthday by featuring the iconic skyline of Clarke Quay on its Search homepage. Earlier this week, Google featured the Bishan Otter family on its Search homepage.

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