Google giving users better control over ads they see through new feature

The new My Ad Centre feature is available in multiple countries worldwide, including Singapore.

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Published: 21 October 2022, 12:29 PM

Google users will have control over the ads they see on services, including Search and YouTube, from Friday (Oct 21) under a new feature, My Ad Center.

The new Google feature will also allow users to view more information about the personalised ads they receive and block sensitive ads, the tech company announced in a press release. 

When signed into Google, users can manage their ad preferences via My Ad Center or the three-dot menu next to the ads they receive. Ad personalisation can now be completely turned off by tapping the “Customize Ads” option in My Ad Center.

Users can also choose to see more ads related to their current interests, such as holiday gifts or hotel bookings. Similarly, they can choose to see less of these ads once they are no longer relevant to the user. 

Ads related to topics that users do not want to see can be limited as well, so that they show up less often.


Options to turn off personalisation entirely as well as turning off information from certain services are available in My Ad Center. PHOTO CREDIT: GOOGLE SINGAPORE


Using My Ad Center, users can control the information used to personalise their ads. They can also turn off personalisation based on certain services without affecting those services. 

For example, if users’ YouTube history is being used, it can be turned off without having to turn off for ads, without affecting YouTube history or affecting recommendations on the YouTube feed.

Users can also control and adjust the audience categories being used to personalise their ads, such as education, relationship status and occupation, or turn them off completely.

Turning off personalised ads will apply to sites and apps where users are signed in to their Google account, regardless of the device they’re using. Options to control their ad preferences via Ad Settings will still be available even if they are not signed into Google.

Additionally, Google’s new UX will expand on their “why you’re seeing this ad” and “who the advertiser is” sections, so that users have more information on the personalised ads they’re receiving.

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