Good Samaritan runs 1km after migrant worker to return ‘hard-earned’ $2 note

Anson was determined to return the money to the migrant worker, who was cycling ahead of him.

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Published: 19 May 2021, 2:03 PM

A $2 note may not seem like a lot, but for some, it might mean the world to them. 

Anson, a Tiktoker who goes by the username @ansonlaoshi, recently shared a TikTok of himself running about 1km just to return a $2 note to its rightful owner. 

Anson had chanced upon the $2 note lying on the ground and realised it belonged to the migrant worker who was cycling ahead of him. 

He started running after the migrant worker and called out to him several times, but to no avail. Still, Anson went the extra mile – literally – to ensure the migrant worker gets his $2 note back, as he felt it was his “hard-earned money”. 

Even after he lost sight of the migrant worker, Anson did not give up on the chase and eventually caught up with the migrant worker. 


Anson continued to run after the migrant worker even after losing sight of him. PHOTO CREDIT: TIKTOK/@ANSONLAOSHI


Once he caught a glimpse of the migrant worker, Anson continuously shouted “brother!”. The migrant worker then got off his bicycle as Anson approached him with the $2 note in hand. 

After notifying the migrant worker that he had dropped his money, the migrant worker searched through his pocket and confirmed that the money was his. 

The migrant worker thanked Anson before waving goodbye. 

The video has garnered more than 11,600 likes, 517 comments and 124,000 video views since it was put up on Apr 25. 

Several netizens praised Anson for his good deed in the comments section. TikToker @runnerkao commented: “What a run! Kudos to you bro for your kind heart!” 

Another user, @zjdasrap,  added: “Small things (can) make a huge impact… Others may think it’s silly, but to this worker, it means a lot.” 

In his TikTok video, Anson mentioned that returning the money could have been a “silent deed”, but he shared the video in hopes to remind others to spread kindness. 

It is indeed wonderful to see people like Anson going the extra mile to do an honest deed and put a smile on someone else’s face.

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