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Golden Village to release interactive movie Late Shift on Apr 22

Viewers can control the story using the 180 choice points throughout the movie.

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Published: 15 April 2021, 4:06 PM

Golden Village Singapore will bring its first ever interactive movie Late Shift to the big screens from Apr 22.

The interactive movie will present the audience with 180 choices to choose from to decide the movie’s eventual outcome out of seven different possible endings.

To participate in the movie, the audience is required to download the mobile application CtrlMovie to scan a QR code which will be displayed on screen. The application is available on iOS and Google Play Store.

The 97-minute thriller movie follows the story of college student Matt Thompson (played by Joe Sowerbutts) as he finds himself embroiled in a crime heist at a famous London auction house.

The movie is directed by Tobia Weber and stars Joe Sowerbutts, Haruka Abe, Joel Basman and Lily Travers as the main cast.

Matt will also interact with May (played by Haruka Abe) of which viewers can decide how their friendship, or relationship, will unfold.

Late Shift was first released in cinemas and as a video game in 2016 on several major gaming platforms including PlayStation 4 and Steam. The film has also been screened at international film festivals including The New York Film Festival.

Late Shift will be screened at selected Golden Village outlets from Apr 22 and is rated NC16.

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