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Golden Durian Mochi back on KFC’s menu from Mar 21

You can get a box of five pieces at $3.10 and ten pieces at $7.10.

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Published: 22 March 2022, 1:03 PM

KFC’s Golden Durian Mochi is back in stores from Mar 21. The seasonal menu item first made its debut in April 2021.

With its sweet premium melted D24 durian lava filling, the dessert gained much traction among Singaporeans. 

According to KFC, they have prepared more stocks this year in anticipation of the public’s reaction, as they sold out quickly last year. 

The fried mochi are offered under the chain’s Hot Deals, as seen on its menu

In-store, a box of five pieces is priced at $3.10 and a box of ten pieces is priced at $7.10.


For delivery, it is priced slightly higher at $4.45 for 5 pieces and a box of 10 pieces for $8.80. PHOTO CREDIT: KFC SINGAPORE


The item is available at all KFC outlets except Singapore Zoo and Singapore Polytechnic. It is also available for delivery on the website and the KFC app.

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