Gojek increasing fares from Mar 31

A temporary flat fee, ranging from $0.50 to $0.80 depending on trip distance, will also be imposed from Mar 31 to May 31.

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Published: 21 March 2022, 1:19 PM

Gojek riders will see trip fares increased from the end of March in two ways, it announced in a press release. 

The ride-hailing firm said start fares will permanently increase by $0.50 for GoCar trips, and $0.80 for GoCar Premium and GoCar XL services.

A temporary flat fee will also be introduced for two months to help private-hire car drivers in coping with rising fuel and operating costs.


Pump prices have been further impacted by the recent invasion of Russia in Ukraine, with all five oil companies in Singapore now posting petrol prices of $3 or more per litre. PHOTO CREDIT: VIBRATE2011 VIA FLICKR


The fee, which differs based on trip distance, kicks in on Mar 31 and is expected to be in place until at least May 31. Flat fees of $0.50 will be imposed on trip distances less than 10km, and $0.80 for trips that go beyond 10km. 

This applies to its GoCar, GoCar Premium and GoCar XL services. GoTaxi fares will remain based on the taxi’s meter.

Gojek said drivers will take home the full amount, as the temporary fee imposition is excluded from prevailing commission rates. 

The latest moves are part of the firm’s initiatives to support its drivers, one of which includes the reduction in driver service fees to 10 per cent on all rides till the end of this year. 

In response to the Gojek announcement, Member of Parliament Yeo Wan Ling, an advisor to the National Taxi Association and National Private Hire Vehicles Association, said on Facebook: “Our association and drivers are grateful for the platform operators who have extended their support to our drivers on various measures to cope with the COVID-19 and cost of business pressures. 

“To ensure the sustainability of the driving profession and the manageability of the long hours of driving, platform operators can continue to fine-tune their commission structures and to make more transparent their incentive structures and benefits programmes.”

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