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Gigs and sets by local musicians you can tune in to during circuit breaker

Like the world’s biggest stars, Singaporean musicians are also getting their acts onto live streams.

Matthaeus Choo

Published: 30 April 2020, 12:00 AM

With the circuit breaker well into its first month, having our entertainment and relaxation online is slowly becoming the new norm.

Yet, no matter how much more convenient this new lifestyle is, it feels like nothing can replace the liveliness and vibrations of a good live performance – most of the time supplied by our very own musicians in our favourite Friday night hangouts.

We have often taken them for granted and now, we have a chance to give our support.

Here are six live streams featuring our local musicians to check out by and liven up your evening!

1. Singapore Community Radio (SGCR)

Started in 2017, the SGCR were livestreaming sets on Facebook way before livestreaming was the norm. Launched by the #vinyloftheday platform, the internet radio looks to champion music, art, fashion, lifestyle and creative culture in Singapore.

Other than livestreams, they have also amassed a wealth of interviews with indie musicians from around the world, and scores of recorded mixtape sets hosted by local DJs with genres ranging from Lo-fi Hip Hop to Dream Pop.

Check these sets out and tons more on their Facebook page  and YouTube channel!


Photo credit: Facebook/ Singapore Community Radio


2. Singapore Biennale Finale

To cap off its four-month-long celebration of the arts, the Singapore Biennale’s closing weekend in March saw Singapore’s brightest talents take the stage throughout its two-day-long celebrations. Its first night featured some of the very best of indie music in Singapore, with sets by 10vacations, Quite Quiet, Akid Amir and the Kribo Brothers, Subsonic Eye, and Sobs.

The second day of performances was equally exciting with spectacular dance, circus, and musical performances by our local artists. Best of all, both days of performances are now streaming on Singapore Biennale’s Facebook page so it’s never too late to join in on the celebration!


Photo credit: Facebook/Sobs


3. The Daniel Chia Show

Ever wanted to feel like a million bucks but missing a few zeroes in your bank account? Here’s one way!

Saxophonist Daniel Chia has performed all over the world and amazed audiences with his arsenal of grooving tunes. Thankfully for us, Daniel’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of his performances and smooth jazz covers of popular hits.

Recently, he has started ‘The Daniel Chia Show’, a weekly livestream Saxophone concert with new episodes every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Subscribe to his YouTube channel for the latest updates!


Photo credit: Daniel Chia’s website


4. The GAB Stream & The GAB Spa

In these stressful times, sometimes what we need is a hearty serving of soothing music to ease the uncertainty. Gabriel Hoe dedicates himself to becoming a People Musician, or a person who interacts with others through music and his live streams are a reflection of just that goal.

With bright smiles and his keyboard in tow, Gabriel plays a collection of easy-listening instrumentals for ‘The Gab Stream’ every Monday, before returning on Fridays for ‘The GAB Spa’, where he will play improvised calming pieces to cap off the week. Give Gabriel a follow on Facebook to be notified of his next stream!


Photo credit: Facebook/ Gabriel Hoe music


5. LIVE by MyRepublic

Aiming to spread positivity while keeping people entertained during this period, ‘LIVE by MyRepublic’ is a series of live streamed musical performances starring our homegrown artists. The series will also look to support these artists affected by the circuit breaker measures by remunerating them based on their engagements during these streams.

Held across four weeks starting Apr 29, eight local musicians spanning a wide array of genres will be bringing their music to your living rooms with evening streams every Wednesday and Friday. Viewers are also encouraged to interact with them throughout their performances so do leave them a comment for support or even for a song request!

These live streams will be hosted on MyRepublic’s Facebook page.


Photo credit: MyRepublic


6. Take Back The Nights (TBTN) 

Although the circuit breaker measures have made a significant impact to the livelihoods of our local musicians, they have not gone quietly into the night. Take Back The Nights is a community-led online concert series aiming to grow and sustain the local music scene for the circuit breaker period and beyond.

The team behind the initiative has recently released a sneak peek of the slew of gigs that will be streaming soon, with local singer Tabitha Nauser, musical duo Jack & Rai, and more slated to perform. Its first episode will be streaming on May 2, 9pm so be sure to tune in to their Facebook page  for the latest updates!


Photo credit: Facebook/ Singapore Community Radio


Still can’t get enough of our local talents? Be sure to check in on and its livestream section for the latest programmes by our musicians and artists.

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