Geylang Serai Bazaar 2023 to be longest-running Ramadan bazaar

The bazaar will run from Mar 17 to Apr 22 for a record 36 days.

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Published: 27 January 2023, 6:28 PM

The 2023 Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar is set to be the longest running since its initiation. 

Taking after the theme of #RayaGemilang, this year’s bazaar will run for 36 days starting Mar 17. It will operate daily from 10am to 11.59pm with an extension to 6am on the eve of Hari Raya on Apr 22. 

Visitors can expect an estimated 700 stalls comprising a mix of retail as well as food stalls. 

An estimated 150 stalls will be dedicated to a mix of traditional and contemporary food and beverages, while around 550 stalls will feature a myriad of traditional and contemporary festive products from popular fashion brands.


Popular F&B stalls such as Markozar (known for its martabak manis), The Original Vadai, T Bob’s (known for its Western cuisine) and Fooditude (known for its fusion prata waffles) will make a return this year. PHOTO CREDIT: MARKOZAR


The stalls will be split into two concept areas, SOUQ City and Street Bazaar. SOUQ City, which means market city, will be around Wisma Geylang Serai while Street Bazaar will stretch from Geylang Serai Market to the area beside Tanjong Katong Complex.

The main attraction of SOUQ City will be a big marquee tent that will function as the heart of the bazaar. 


The tent will house stage performances and the main dining area. PHOTO CREDIT: WISMA GEYLANG SERAI


Those who would like to donate non-perishable halal food donations and clothes for Hari Raya can do so at the community shelves that will be made available at SOUQ City. 

Visitors can also expect elderly-friendly tables and chairs under a lighted teepee and low tables for the younger visitors. There will also be a grass-carpeted area for floor sitting, highlighting the elements of the traditional Malay culture.

There will be an eco-friendly Kids “Balik Kampong” Playground @ Anjung that serves as an educational play activity.

The Street Bazaar will take after three themes which include a rustic, kampung theme, a hip theme and a Mediterranean theme. Visitors can look forward to seeing the main attraction of this site, the Street Bazaar Tower which will be placed near the Galaxy building.


The tower functions as the central point and decorative installation for visitors. PHOTO CREDIT: WISMA GEYLANG SERAI


To encourage the spirit of giving, the operator will collaborate with several organisations to invite beneficiaries to break fast at the bazaar on Mondays to Thursdays. 

Recyclable bags will be provided at every hub to encourage consumers to use these shopping bags for their purchases. The less-plastics concept will also be encouraged with signs of “Opt for no straws” and a dedicated space for recycle bins.

Slac Satu, a pioneer in graffiti art and well-known for his Batikgraffiti will be doing live graffiti for 30 days of Ramadan on 30 panels.These “Ramadan Walls” are meant to tell a story about integration and the joy that Ramadan brings.


Interactive art installations inspired by the Berlin Wall will also be placed all over the Street Bazaar. PHOTO CREDIT: WISMA GEYLANG SERAI


According to Minister of State for Home Affairs and National Development Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, food and beverage (F&B) stalls present at the bazaar will offer one item on the menu at a sampler size for $4 in order to make it affordable for the masses. 

“All we want is for visitors to have memorable experiences for them to remember 2023’s bazaar for many years to come,” said Mr Faishal. 

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