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Gardens by the Bay’s Chinese New Year floral display Dahlia Dreams features grand lantern set for first time

The display will run till Feb 20.

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Published: 14 January 2022, 1:04 PM

For the first time ever, Spring Fragrances, a stunning River Hongbao lantern set, will take centre stage in Gardens by the Bay’s Chinese New Year floral display Dahlia Dreams. 

The flower field takes place from now till Feb 20.


A stunning display to usher in the Spring Festival. PHOTO CREDIT: GARDENS BY THE BAY


Apart from the grand Chinese moon gates of the lantern set, other unique installations to look out for include the larger-than-life narcissus, peony and lily blooms as well as a pair of rabbits resting in the fields.


Watch the garden come to life at night with vibrant lights. PHOTO CREDIT: GARDENS BY THE BAY


To ring in the Year of the Tiger, three adorable tiger cubs will be ready to greet you in the gardens. The tigers don auspicious decorations such as giant coin pouches and couplets, symbolising good fortune and prosperity.


Spot all three of them frolicking in the fields! PHOTO CREDIT: GARDENS BY THE BAY


Alongside the tiger cubs are about 2,000 showstopper dahlias and vibrant azaleas, chrysanthemums and cymbidiums to usher in good luck and prosperity for the new year.

Large-scale paintings depicting the Four Gentlemen of Chinese culture – the plum blossom, the orchid, the bamboo, and the chrysanthemum also features this year in Dahlia Dreams.


The Four Gentlemen are usually used to depict the unfolding of seasons through the year. PHOTO CREDIT: GARDENS BY THE BAY


The Four Gentlemen are analogous to virtues such as resilience, modesty, endurance, flexibility, perseverance and fortitude – traits to carry us through the pandemic.

Dahlia Dreams is the first of a full calendar year of changing floral displays at Gardens by the Bay in 2022. The next display is slated to be Sakura featuring tokidoki characters in early March.

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