Funny, innovative products designed to ‘fight’ COVID-19

These products are designed for people who are paranoid about touching common public spaces with their naked fingers.

Wan Munirah

Published: 29 May 2020, 9:59 PM

The pressure to keep yourself clean and free from germs has never been greater since the start of COVID-19.

Here are some funny yet innovative products people have designed to help users ‘fight’ the virus – by helping them avoid direct contact with public doors and buttons as much as possible.

1. CleanTouch: Antimicrobial Door Opener

If you are feeling particularly paranoid about opening doors and pressing lift buttons, here’s something that could help.

Spotted on Kickstarter, the ‘CleanTouch‘ claims to help users avoid “germ transmission” from public amenities like doors, touch screens and lift buttons. The small device looks like a key with a stylus tip, and a curved edge to help users latch it on door handles.


Besides pressing buttons and opening door handles, it also works as a box opener. PHOTO CREDIT: ADVENCHER VIA KICKSTARTER


Created by California-based product design studio ADVENCHER, the product has raised over S$138,000 on Kickstarter. Check it out here.

2. Foot pedals in lifts

Instead of pressing lift buttons with your fingers or elbows, how about using other available body parts…like your foot?

Shopping mall Seacon Square in Bangkok, Thailand, has converted its lifts to include “foot pedals“, providing a hands-free experience for shoppers.

Can you imagine fighting with other shoppers just to put your foot down on these lift pedals?

The foot pedals are installed in front of and inside the lifts.

3. KC Wearable's fever-screening helmets

Spotted on police officers in China, Dubai and Italy, these futuristic-looking helmets help users check the temperature of passers-by from a safe distance.

Designed by Chinese firm KC Wearable, these helmets use thermal imaging to check temperatures of others up to two metres away.

However, experts remain divided on the effectiveness of these helmets. As reported by the Business Insider, some people who are affected by the virus may not run a temperature as they are asymptomatic.

4. Germ Guard

While we’ve seen our fair share of products on Kickstarter that might actually be useful, we can’t say the same for this one.

Marketed as a “utility glove”, the ‘Germ Guard‘ claims to protect hands from coming into direct contact with germs found on common high-touch surfaces.

Created by Finnish design company SIN & REMORSE Oy, the glove hopes to reduce the use of disposable gloves by providing a versatile version that can do anything from opening car doors and to grabbing takeaway coffee cups.


I don’t know about you, but it looks just like the silicone glove my mum uses while handling hot pots and pans in the kitchen. PHOTO CREDIT: GERM GUARD VIA KICKSTARTER


5. Thai farmer hat

Here’s one just for laughs.

In the new normal, wearing masks in public might be as common as putting on miscellaneous items like watches and sunglasses.

If you need to let others know that you’re really not feeling great, this Thai farmer hat could help you stay safe without forgoing your personal style.

Designed by Asst Prof Takerng Pattanopas and Yanothai Treeratchoti, their take on the safety face shield involves attaching a clear piece of PVC sheet around the brim of a traditional farmer hat with Velcro.


Stay fashionably safe, everyone. PHOTO CREDIT: BANGKOK POST


Humour aside, simple acts like washing your hands frequently and maintaining a safe distance from others in public areas could help you stay clean and germ-free.

Instead of buying more items to help you transition into the new normal, try using something you already have on hand, like your keys to press buttons or your shoulders to push doors open.

It’s really that simple.

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