Fun Singaporean card games to play

We round up the best decks you can try at home, including the classic 'The Singaporean Dream'!

Wan Munirah

Published: 5 August 2021, 10:22 AM

Looking for card games you can play with your small group of friends without breaking the rules or the bank?

Here’s a list of Singaporean card games you can play with your friends and family at home! Afterall, nothing quite says National Pride like supporting our local products!

PS: While it’s fun to play with others, it’s equally important to stay safe this season. Remember to keep your game nights small and intimate!

1. Kopi King

If you enjoy playing the cooking simulation video game Overcooked, here’s a new card deck that offers similar thrills without the need for gaming consoles.

Kopi King, released just last year, is an ingredient-snatching, drink-making game that tests your speed in making local coffee shop drinks like Teh C and Milo Dinosaur.

Created by Daryl Chow from local board game company Origame, the card deck features beautiful illustrations by Singaporean illustrator @yyishyan.

Pro tip: Try memorising the drinks’ recipes before playing each round. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/@ORIGAME

Head here for more details on pricing and game rules.

2. The Singaporean Dream

When it comes to game nights, this card game is a popular choice for many players, thanks to its local references and hilarious challenges.

Created by SGAG, The Singaporean Dream lets you pay, steal and sabo your way to be the perfect Singaporean.

Every game is different, depending on who you’re playing with. If you’re playing with a group of extroverts, for instance, you can expect a chaotic game night as everyone tries to impress with their own exaggerated renditions of Singaporean personalities like the ‘Influencer’ or ‘Ah Beng’.

Get the expansion pack to spice up your next game. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/@THE SINGAPOREAN DREAM

Head here to get your own deck.

3. Limpeh Says

Inspired by the widely popular American party game Cards Against HumanityLimpeh Says offers the same bells and whistles, but with a distinct local flavour.

Designed by Tan Yong Heng, who first created the game for a school module in 2017, you can expect “morally wrong but politically right” cards like ‘Cai Png without rice’ and ‘Fighting an auntie for a seat on the MRT’. And these are just some of the mild ones we’ve seen.

A sneak peek of the cheeky cards you can find in the deck. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/@LIMPEH SAYS

It’s self-explanatory but Limpeh Says is best played with other players aged 18 and above. Preferably not with family members – take it from me.

Check out the deck here.

4. Off Track!

Created by the same team who brought you The Singaporean DreamOff Track! is a strategy card game that requires you to build MRT tracks to reach your destination while disrupting others and throwing them off track (get it?).

Basically, a card game that lets you vent your anger from the last train fault you were unfortunately stuck in.

A game best played with players who are familiar with the challenges of travelling on the MRT. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@OFFTRACK

Released in 2019, the card game features familiar characters, such as the Office Lady, the School Boy from “Ruffles Institution” and the Disruptor, who looks like that auntie who usually blocks the train doors with her plastic bags.

Head here for more details.


Also from Origame is CHOPE!, a fast-paced, food-snatching game that pays homage to our love for food – and our peculiar habit of “reserving” tables with tissue packets.

The number one rule in any hawker centre: Respect the tissue. PHOTO CREDIT: ORIGAME.COM

Players will have to move fast to chope tables and order as many Singaporean hawker dishes they can afford while avoiding the mynahs.

Check out the game here.

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