Fun personalised websites to check your Spotify music statistics

From giving you insights on the artistes and songs you listen to most, to letting you discover how obscure your music taste is.

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Published: 1 December 2020, 6:35 PM

Entering the last month of 2020 comes with typical year-end reviews and reflections.

Many Spotify users may be familiar with the popular ‘year in review’ called Spotify Wrapped. Those who use Spotify premium will be able to view detailed insights of their listening activity over the course of this year.

However, Spotify Wrapped is only available at the end of every year and sadly once you miss it, you won’t be able to check your music statistics until the end of next year.

Thankfully, Spotify Wrapped isn’t the only website that gives you insights about your listening activity. Here are five other websites that give you detailed insights about your music taste:

1. Obscurify

Have you ever wondered how ‘basic’ your taste in music was?

A website that lets you learn more about your music taste, Obscurify provides statistics about the obscurity percentage levels of the songs you listen to and compares it with other users.

By simply logging in with your Spotify premium account, you will first be shown your top 10 genres that you listen to, followed by your music obscurity rating compared with users from different countries.


You can switch countries and see which part of the world shares your taste in music. PHOTO CREDIT: OBSCURIFY MUSIC


Obscurify then shows your current top artistes and songs, allowing you to compile them into a playlist to listen to favourite hits on repeat.

It even calculates the general mood of most of the songs you listen to, using factors like how cheerful they sound, how high energy they are, and the danceability and “acousticness” of the songs you prefer.


Compare the average mood statistics of the songs you listen to with the rest of your country. PHOTO CREDIT: OBSCURIFY MUSIC


And if you are interested in finding new music that is similar to what you already listen to, there are song recommendations for you to create a new Spotify playlist.

Better understand your own music taste with Obscurify here.


Similar to Obscurify, Musictaste provides basic data about your top artists, songs and genres, as well as compare the mood and obscurity of the songs you listen to with other users.

However, Musictaste does give a little more detail, such as which specific songs you listened to had the highest energy or sounded the happiest, giving exact percentages of how high they were.

But of course, the main appeal of Musictaste is being able to compare the similarities of your music taste with your friends.


It’s fun to see how much you and your friends have in common in terms of music. PHOTO CREDIT: MUSICTASTE.SPACE


Through either sharing codes or links, Musictaste will calculate the similarity percentage of your music taste with your peers and who are your top artistes and songs in common.


Musictaste provides detailed insights about your common tracks over different periods of time and how high they were ranked for both you and your friend. PHOTO CREDIT: MUSICTASTE.SPACE


You can then listen to a playlist of all the songs you have in common with a specific friend if your similarity percentage is high enough, and be introduced to new songs from each other’s favourites!

Compare and see how your taste stacks up against all your friends here.

3. Receiptify

A simpler concept, Receiptify works as a Spotify top tracks generator, showing your top 10 songs over the last month, last six months, or all time.

Your top songs will be generated in an aesthetically pleasing receipt format, like as if they are items from a grocery store.


I personally love how the background looks like a piece of crumpled paper, and the song durations are presented like its prices. PHOTO CREDIT: RECEIPTIFY


Not only does it look cool when you post it online, you can also share your good music taste to all your friends and followers.

Create your own music receipt here.

4. musicScape

MusicScape creates unique landscapes based on your latest Spotify listens.

Taking into account details of the recent songs you listened to that you might not have noticed, the website curates a beautiful picture just for you based on your listening habits.


The background, colour and mountains of your backdrop all depends on different factors of your recent music activity. PHOTO CREDIT: MUSICSCAPE


Find out if the music you listen to is a clear reflection of your mood here.

5. Spotify collage generator

This website does exactly what it’s name says: It compiles images of all your top artistes or songs on Spotify over the timeframe which you specify in one collage.


You can choose the number of rows and columns for your collage — with a minimum of two and a maximum of seven each. PHOTO CREDIT: SPOTIFY COLLAGE GENERATOR


A rather simple but straightforward website, this collage generator helps you easily view and compare your favourite artistes and tracks in one page.

Try it out here.

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