Fun iOS 16 design ideas for your iPhone lock screen

Apple dropped the iOS 16 update on Sep 12 and introduced new ways to personalise your iPhone’s lock screen.

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Published: 26 September 2022, 10:21 AM

When Apple first introduced widgets into the iOS 14 update in 2020, it was met with widespread excitement as Apple users everywhere figured out new ways to redesign their iPhone’s home screen layout.

Many began requesting the ability to redesign their iPhone’s lock screens as well. Eventually, Apple provided through the latest iOS 16 update on Sep 12.

Regarding redesigns to the iPhone lock screen with iOS 16, Apple users can now change the font and colour of their displayed date and time, add widgets, adjust the placement of certain elements, and also alternate their lock screen wallpaper.

Being the first point of contact on our mobile devices, the lock screen is salient for both providing key information at a glance, while also reflecting the tastes of the respective user through its personalised design.

As such, here are some cool iPhone lock screen design ideas you can try out with the new iOS 16 features!

1. Alternating background wallpaper

Finally a feature to aid our indecisiveness, Apple now lets us have multiple photos as our lock screen wallpaper.

Instead of using multiple different photos as their lock screen, users online have shared unique and cool ways they incorporated this photo shuffle feature into their lock screens.

@runawaykim Simple way to make your home screen look cooler in the new iOS 16 update! #ios16 #fyp #iphone #strangerthings ♬ Stranger Things - The Theme System

With a simple tap of the screen while it’s on, you can transport yourself into the Upside Down in Stranger Things.

Something similar another user did was having their wallpapers alternate in sequence every time they switch their phone on and off and on again.

@timesiren Making the best use of IOS 16s lockscreen features… #doctorwho #weepingangels #iphone ♬ original sound - lizardgems

In reference to the Weeping Angels in the fictional Doctor Who series, the stone statues chase anyone who makes eye contact with it and then proceed to blink or look away.

All these are fun ways you can play around with the transitioning wallpaper feature.

2. Customise widgets and text

Since users are now able to add widgets to their lock screen, many are finding cute new ways to enhance their widget designs such as through icons or small notes and reminders.


Added icons and texts help enhance the aesthetics of one’s lock screen. PHOTO CREDIT: TWITTER/@SASAILLUSTRATES, TWITTER/@MONDAEINJUNE, TWITTER/@CREAMPEACHLATTE


Users can make use of Apple’s Reminders app to incorporate widgets containing personalised text and quotes.

You can also go the extra mile and download third-party applications that allow the addition of supplementary widgets and icons to the lock screen that Apple doesn’t provide.

3. Make use of the depth effect

An issue Apple users have faced while customising their lock screen wallpapers is finding out that their photos are blocked by the date and time display.

This can be especially frustrating when you have a photo you really like, but the portrait’s face or key element of the picture seems to be inevitably cut off due to the pesky and large time display.

But with Apple’s newly introduced multi-layered photo effect that automatically places the subject of a photo in front of the lock screen time, you no longer have to worry about your images being blocked.


Twitter users made it seem like the time display was resting on the boat, and the cat was looking up at the time. PHOTO CREDIT: TWITTER/@BIGREDMI, TWITTER/@0X


Like these users on Twitter, why not go one step further with this feature and use the time display to your advantage by positioning it in unique ways?

While the new and improved lock screen capabilities are definitely less limited than the home screen design possibilities, it doesn’t mean you can’t play around with the features and try new things!

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