Fun and interesting online websites to visit when bored

From bonding with strangers over shared music tastes to questioning your own morals.

Shannon Kuan

Weird talents include playing the violin, but with a ukulele and a clothes hanger.

Published: 15 March 2021, 1:56 PM

We’ve all been there — aimlessly scrolling through YouTube or Netflix, not being able to find anything interesting that piques our interest. 

In the end, we end up spending more time browsing rather than actually watching anything.

Well, if you ever find yourself stuck in this boring cycle again, here are some interesting online websites that you can visit for free forms of entertainment!


Think your music taste is obscure and you can’t seem to find people who like the same songs and artistes you do? This website matches you with strangers who listen to the music you do.

If you have an active Spotify account, all you have to do is log in and wait for the website to pair you with someone after it analyses your listening activity.


To find someone else to talk to, clicking on the ‘New Chat’ button at the top right hand corner will pair you with a new song and person. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM MUSICPALS.IO


Personally, I find it extremely fun as you already have a common topic of music to converse about. I met many cool people from different countries and even still talk to one of them daily till now!

You can find your new music pals here.

2. Will you press the button?

A game based on making decisions that could benefit you but comes with a negative twist, you have to choose whether you would press the button and agree to the statement or not.


From funny dilemmas to tough ethical questions, this game tests where your morals lie. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM WILLYOUPRESSTHEBUTTON.COM


You can then compare and see if your decision is what most people agree with.

You can press the button here.

3. Drive and listen

With the COVID-19 pandemic putting us all on lockdown, travelling abroad seems almost impossible any time soon. However, with this website, you can experience driving down the streets in different countries.

With 53 different cities available, you can cruise along the mountainside in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, drive through the shops and palm tree lined roads of Los Angeles, USA, or ride down the snowy streets of Oslo, Norway at night.


You are able to adjust the speed of the car, turn on street noise for a more authentic feel, and browse the city’s radio channels. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM DRIVEANDLISTEN


Not only is it interesting to get a glimpse into the scenery and infrastructure of other countries, the website also offers radio channels from the city you are currently viewing; so you can listen to some local music while ‘driving’ along.

Relax and go on a virtual road trip here.

4. Akinator

If you don’t already know Akinator, here is a short explanation: It originally blew up around 2010 for it’s scary ability to accurately guess any character you have in mind just by asking a few simple questions. 

You can choose either characters — be it fictional or real life, objects, and animals for the Akinator genie to guess through asking you a series of yes and no questions.


You can try to outsmart him by making him guess people you know in real life or even yourself, but he will find a way around it. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM AKINATOR


Don’t worry it’s not witchcraft! Akinator just uses very smart computer programming.

See if you can outsmart the all-knowing genie here.

5. WikiHow guessing game

Some of us may be familiar with the absurdity that is WikiHow.

An online wiki-stye community giving tips and advice through how-to guides, many jokes have often been made about their hilarious illustrations that sometimes don’t seem related to the how-to statement they’re drawn for.

This guessing game takes random WikiHow images out of context and gives you four possible topics it could be from.

Some may seem rather straightforward and simple, but others may completely blow your mind, leaving you wondering how that illustration was even related to the topic.


You can view the full WikiHow article where the illustration is from, if you’re confused and need more context. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM DAMN.DOG


Have a good laugh here.

6. Google Feud

When it comes to answering questions that we cannot solve, Google becomes our best friend.

One thing that we might notice about the Google search bar is that whenever we are midway typing our question, a list of possible related endings to our statements pop up.

The aim of this game is to figure out the most popular ending to the start of a common statement that many search up.

There are four categories to choose from: Culture, People, Names and Questions. A search prompt will then pop up and it’s up to you to decide what are the ten most popular autocomplete suggestions. However, you are limited to making three wrong guesses per round.


Get as many points as possible, with higher points given if you guess the top few queries. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM GOOGLEFUED.ONLINE


Test your search engine knowledge here.

7. Battleship

As someone who used to play the board game battleship as a child, when I found out there was an online version to play it, I was ecstatic.

A strategy guessing game for two players, the aim is to destroy your opponent’s fleet before they can sink all your ships.


You can manually position your ships or let it computer generate the positions for you. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM EN.BATTLESHIP-GAME.ORG


The blue cuboids indicate the position of your ships. While you may not know where your opponent’s ships are placed, it’s up to you to be smart with which square you aim for each round, and hope it lands on a part of their ship.

Choose to either play with a friend by sending them a link, or play with strangers online here.

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