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Frontliner shares the long cleaning procedure he undergoes once home

Even after 12-hour shifts, this frontliner still cannot hug his family until undergoing a thorough clean.

Justin Hui
Justin Hui

Published: 16 April 2020, 12:00 AM

You would think that frontliners can let their hair down once they get home from a tiring shift.

However, a recent viral post by Facebook user Burhan Ddin shows the elaborate cleaning process he goes through as a precaution against bringing any virus particles home.

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Posted by Burhan Ddin on Thursday, April 9, 2020

Burhan, who works as a paramedic, goes into detail about the steps taken even before he reaches the front door. As soon as he parks his vehicle, he would text his wife, Siti Erna, that he is minutes away from arriving.

He writes: “She will then need to play her part by preparing my pyjamas, bath towel, disinfectant spray and mop filled with disinfectant solution.”


Burhan’s wife would place all the items within his reach to prevent cross contamination in the house. Photo credit: Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash


After switching off all the fans and air-con, Erna takes their daughter Ainul into a room and closes the door before Burhan steps into the house.

Once home, Burhan will have a shower and wash his clothes, especially since he attends to suspect or confirmed COVID-19 cases during his duty.

The toughest part for him is not being with his family immediately, especially when he hears his daughter calling “PAPA, PAPA” behind the door.

He said: “My heart begins to sink [and] I feel like opening her door and hugging her, especially after my 12-hour shifts, but NO!”


Burhan mops the floor with a disinfectant solution to kill any virus particles that might have fallen off his clothing. Photo credit: Pixabay via Pexels


Once done with washing up, Burhan proceeds to disinfect any surface he came into contact with, from mopping the floor to wiping down the table and door handles.

The cleaning ritual may seem tedious, but he sees it as doing something to protect his family. He said: “Never allow the virus to take control. It is your onus to ensure cleanliness and proper hygiene.”

With the cleaning done, Burhan washes his hands and can finally begin his “daddy duties”: playing with his daughter until her bedtime.


After a final hand wash, Burhan can finally carry his daughter. Photo credit: Noah via Unsplash


Burhan’s post was shared more than 2,000 times, and many people left encouraging comments in support of our frontliners and the numerous unseen sacrifices they have to make.

Before signing off on his post, Burhan makes sure to leave a final message for people to do their part so this challenging time can come to an end faster.

He said: “It may not be easy this time, but you need to be diligent, responsible and considerate in your actions. YOU and me, let’s do our part. Stay home and please avoid all crowded areas! We are fighting this TOGETHER!”

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