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Free mental health resources to get you through the circuit breaker period

Keep your mental well-being in check with these online resources.

Chevonne Law

Published: 30 April 2020, 3:13 PM

Having to stay at home for a prolonged period of time may take a toll on our mental health and well-being.

Besides using self-care apps to keep you motivated, we have collated more mental health resources to tide you through these difficult times.

1. Live chat with The Inside Space

The Inside Space provides complimentary personal and professional development through their Live Chat system, ranging from a quick two-minute chat to a 30-minute coaching session.

They have over 20 trained facilitators from various backgrounds ready to chat with you, no matter the topic. If you are feeling bored, anxious or just need a listening ear, The Inside Space will be there for you.

Head here to access the live chat button.

2. Smôl tôk's New Normal online conversation cards

Known for their friendship-building card games which engage players in meaningful conversations, Smôl tôk by Starknicked now offers an online card deck specially designed for this circuit breaker period.

Aptly titled ‘New Normal’, start meaningful conversations with your friends, family or colleagues, and reflect on the changes you’ve experienced during this uncertain period.

Head here for the New Normal online card deck.

More than mindless fun, these cards can invoke players’ thoughts and reflections through various questions.

3. FriendzoneSG Online

If you are feeling detached from the community, here’s a new way for you to build friendships – virtually!

Social organisation FriendZoneSG hosts virtual gatherings, separated by regions, to help young Singaporeans make new friends with other young adults in their neighbourhood.

Head here for a list of FriendZoneSG’s upcoming online networking events.

Get socially connected with other young adults in your neighbourhood through Friendzone Online. PHOTO CREDIT: FRIENDZONESG

4. Happiness Initiative's Watch Parties

Hosted by Happiness Initiative, you can watch feel-good movies with others through watch parties on Netflix.

Grab some popcorn, sit back and brighten up your day with these movies. PHOTO CREDIT: HAPPINESS INITIATIVE’S FACEBOOK

Stay tuned to their Facebook page for more updates on upcoming Watch Parties.

5. My Mental Health

Specifically targeted at mental health issues during the COVID-19 situation, My Mental Health contains a host of articles to help you better understand and manage your current mental well being.

Aside from there, there are also online forums that you can participate in to better help you cope with whatever you are going through.

Head here for more information.

6. National CARE Hotline (6202-6868)

Need professional help for your mental health? The National CARE Hotline connects you with professional counsellors at any time of the day.

With just a phone call, you can be connected with over 300 specialists who are available to offer you emotional support.

Just remember – whenever you feel overwhelmed or need someone to talk to, you are not alone in this journey. Take care and stay safe!

If you’ve looking for more mental well-being resources and fun things to do, do visit

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