France lifts most COVID-19 restrictions, including the need to wear face mask in some settings

COVID-19 infections have remained high in the country, at about 60,000 on a seven-day average.

Kassandra Kasman

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Published: 16 March 2022, 12:53 PM

France lifted the majority of its COVID-19 restrictions such as the need to wear a face mask and allowing unvaccinated patrons into restaurants, cinemas and other public venues on Mar 14.

This implementation was announced earlier this month by the French Government based on the improvement of the hospital situation and the steady week of decline in infections earlier this month, reported Reuters

Masks are no longer a requirement in most public places such as schools, officers or shops. However, it will still be mandatory in hospitals and public transport. 

Residents in France will also no longer need to show any proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, bars, cinemas, fairs and interregional transport.  However, unvaccinated people will still need to provide a recent negative test or proof of recent recovery to enter hospitals and nursing homes.

However, the number of infections has been on the rise recently, prompting scientists to raise concerns on whether the easing of restrictions is untimely. The lifting of restrictions came less than a month before the first round of presidential elections on Apr 10.

The infections have increased from 50,000 a week to 60,000 on a seven-day average.

Over 92 per cent of people aged 12 and above are fully vaccinated in France.

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