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Four types of singles we see on Valentine’s

#SingleAF people can be annoying too...

Brandon Chia
Brandon Chia

Published: 13 February 2017, 12:00 AM

Valentine’s Day is only a day away. And while many people probably have some sort of absurd plan to celebrate with their significant other, others might be struggling to even find a human being that wants to hold their hand.

Well, here are the four types of singles we see on Valentine’s.

1. The full-of-self-pity single

A lot of youths will definitely complain about single. But some go far beyond the appropriate amount…and end up being whiny cry-babies.


“I am such a nice person! Can’t people see that?”
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It doesn’t end there. If they have a crush on someone, a good friend will urge them to go and ask them out. But they would never do it because they are afraid of rejection.

And then they will come to regret it after the crush leaves and the whining starts all over again – driving their friends insane.

2. The reeking-of-desperation single

Some people might be shaking their heads the moment they read this header without even realising they are totally desperado themselves.

Desperate people have a lack of self-awareness, and tend to say weird things to their crushes, which will ultimately be their downfall.

For example – boy sees girl queuing for the toilet and says: “Hey, do you come here often?”


Desperation just leaves you with rejection and repulsion.
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However, what’s worse are the people who are extremely vocal of how single and sexually deprived they are on social media.

3. The picky-as-heck single

Some people aren’t desperate but still find themselves forever alone…because they are being picky to the max.

No matter who they see or meet, there is always a fault they see that causes the person to fall far from their standards.

“His nose is too big for his face.”

“She is almost as tall as I am and that’s a no-no.”

“That laugh though…it’s too weird, almost as if he is wheezing!”

Of course, it’s good not to compromise your personal beliefs and be clear of what you expect from your partner, but some personal preferences are a tad extreme.


If you don’t find Zac Efron good looking, you might not be able to find anyone who is.
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4. The #IDGAF single

Some of us right now are probably shouting “I don’t care about being in a relationship or not!” at the screen right now.

Same for me! I don’t care about whether I am in a relationship or not. We are independent 21st century individuals who don’t need no man or woman.


I love myself and that’s all I need.
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I don’t need someone to hold my hand or to serve as an emotional support hotline. If I’m angry or upset, I will just go buy myself a box of chocolates and binge.

We are just those people who are happy being single and we choose to stay single!

I think Valentine’s is a tough time for all the singles out there. Hopefully you managed to find a date in time. If not…you might want to stay in and avoid being smothered by overbearing couples.

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