Four things you missed at the first day of The Black Market

It's not too late to check out our biggest party this weekend!

Camillia Dass
Camillia Dass

Published: 10 September 2016, 10:36 AM

Think it’s just another weekend at the Somerset Skatepark? Well, not this time!

Today was the first day of The Black Market, our epic two-day event. To celebrate the 10 wonderful years we’ve had at Youth.SG, we threw a party filled with BMX riders, graffiti artists and an arts market – just to thank you guys.

If you didn’t manage to come down today, fret not. Here are four reasons why you should really come down tomorrow for The Black Market!

1. The death defying adrenaline junkies


We had our hearts in our throats throughout their set.


Earlier this afternoon, BMX enthusiasts and inline skaters dominated the Skatepark, showing off their tricks on the half pipe. It was a heart-warming sight, seeing youths bonding over skating and riding, and teaching each other the tricks they’ve learnt.

There were people of different ages trying out skateboarding too – all embracing the youth culture!

In the evening, we had a breath-taking demo by Parkour Singapore. They showed off their daring and fearless stunts as they catapulted over the planks and skating ramps. It was truly magnificent.

2. The extremely hipster concert


Amanda Tse and Zsa Zsa scorpion gave us the chills.


Have you ever attended a concert where musicians played from the top of a skating ramp? Well if you haven’t, you definitely don’t want to miss this out tomorrow.

Local musicians Amanda Tse and Zsa Zsa Scorpion performed over 10 chilled out versions of songs such as ‘Beautiful World’, ‘Redemption’ and ‘Geronimo’. The crowd gathered to sit on top of ramps to enjoy their wonderful performance, and it definitely took the idea of “hipster concerts” to a brand new level.

In the evening, Joie Tan took to the ramp with a 30-minute unplugged session. She played some of her original songs, as well as covers such as ‘Earned it’, ‘I Won’t Give Up On You’, and ‘All I Want’.

While she performed, skaters periodically performed stunts throughout her performance. It was like a two-for-one special!

3. The really cool art market


If you are one of the first 2,000 youths who register as new members at the event,
You will get a 20 per cent discount card you can use at the arts market!


At The Black Market, we also had folks from The Local People setting up booths with pretty fun stuff. The arts market had stalls selling sneakers, jewellery, phone and laptop covers, and more!

And because we are Singaporeans, you must be wondering what’s in store for our tummies. Well, we had ice cream, different flavours of milk tea (we spotted a cute Thai iced tea cart!) and – wait for it – a free flow of popcorn and candy floss!

If you came empty handed, please treat yourself to the free popcorn and candyfloss.

4. We got to (legally) vandalise the place 


Here we have Joie Tan “Vandalising” our message wall!


If you’re a regular law-abiding citizen, you’ve probably never held a spray can in your hands. Over at The Black Market, that’s going to change.

We have a huge message wall with paint markers that you can use to scribble on your black quotes. We also have a crazy amount of spray cans for you to decorate the ramps and the floors. All these are legal, of course. We are all about the legal stuff here at Youth.SG.

If you now have a serious case of #FOMO, don’t worry. We’re back with more goodie bags and freebies tomorrow from 4pm to 10pm. Basically, there’s no reason why you should feel bored this weekend.

Head here for more information on The Black Market.


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