Four things you missed at SHINE Festival today

Missed the second day of SHINE Festival? Here are four things that will give you serious #FOMO.

Camillia Dass

Published: 2 July 2016, 11:22 AM

The second day of the SHINE Festival was wild! In addition to acts by Jay Park, Shigga Shay, Gentle Bones and Tabitha Nauser, there were loads of cool booths that were set up for youths to enjoy.

Here are the four things you missed at SHINE Festival 2016.

1. The Jay Park concert
The highlight of the night was Jay Park’s free concert outside ION. The Korean-American rapper performed a 30-minute set which included a collaboration with Shigga Shay, and it was absolutely electric. The area outside the shopping mall was absolutely packed with adoring fans of the Korean singer as he rapped and danced his way into Singapore’s heart.

The crowd went wild with ecstasy as jay park pulled up his shirt to flash his abs.

Of course it helped that he was shirtless for more then half the set, and jumped off the stage to greet and hug his fans. The crowd screamed and sang along with him, all the while holding their phones up to record the tattooed artist.

After humbly thanking the audience for their attendance, fans chanted his name so loudly that he pulled off a spectacular encore to end the wild night.

If you missed this concert, you really missed out on something special.

2. Urban sports

If you’re like me and are utterly obsessed with viral parkour videos, you will be sorry that you missed out on the parkour showcase that took place in front of Ngee Ann City.

Parkour Generation and Ashton Movement Agency came down to showcase their stunts and teach kids how to free run themselves. Children as young as 7 were seen catapulting off the scaffolding (to the horror of the gathered crowd) while the older dancers performed stunts that were described as being “Marvel-like”.


A dancer doing parkour on the scaffolding.


Right next to these stuntmen, there was a freestyle football battle going on. Young adults and children were seen going one-on-one with each other, while their mentors shouted encouragement and tips from the side lines.

3. The Super 24 dance competition

The Super 24 dance qualifiers were happening right in front of Ngee Ann City. The dance competition had teams of 24 dancers compete by performing in 60-second dance routines in the secondary, tertiary and open categories.

The teeming crowd gleefully found spots right in front of the stage, while people without tickets climbed on walls and planters just to get a glimpse of the roaring competition. There were over 20 groups of dancers for just the secondary category alone!


Boogie crew from north vista performing at the competition.


The fun part was that the competition was not just for the dancers; some members of the audience were pulled up on stage to dance during the breaks.

24 teams clinched spots for the finals, which will be held on July 10 at Suntec City convention Centre.

4. Food truck nation

Every true Singaporean felt like they had arrived in foodie heaven as the roads from Mandarin Gallery to Wisma Atrium were closed to cars and filled with food trucks instead.

Trucks selling everything from frozen cookie ice cream to alcoholic popsicles and coconut soda had crowds of people engulfing them as they tried to taste the unique food.


The queue at the coffee bandits truck proved that it’s never too late for coffee.


With prices that didn’t exceed $10, the food truck nation made Geylang Bazaar look like the Marina Bay Sands of food fairs.

So, there you have it! Don’t forget to come down tomorrow for more cool stuff, including performances from Charlie Lim & The Mothership and Gareth Fernandez!

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