Four things to start working on before you become an adult

Your future self will be thankful if you started working on these things early.

Ardini Insyirah

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Published: 11 January 2021, 5:39 PM

Our youth is the time of our lives when we tend to focus on living in the moment. 

We may not be thinking much about our futures, but there are things that are worth considering before we become adults.

Here are some aspects of life that you should start working on now that will benefit you in the long run

Starting your journey toward financial security

We all know how important it is to be financially stable, but not many of us realise the need to get a head start in order to secure a good financial future. 

Although some of us are still studying, it’s never too early to start brushing up on our financial literacy and saving from our daily allowance. If you’re like me and have difficulty processing the terms and how things work, the best way to learn is by asking your parents, peers or even a professional.


Starting your journey to financial stability early is highly beneficial for your future. PHOTO CREDIT: JOSH APPEL VIA UNSPLASH


For those of us who have started to earn some form of income, be it from part-time jobs or internships, we should learn how to manage our money. Using the 50/30/20 rule, getting a head start on investments and even settling your insurances are all important things you need to consider.

For example, you might want to get yourself insured while you’re young. Chances are, you’re gonna have a clean bill of health which makes it easier for you to get insurance. There are plenty of choices for insurances so read up carefully before buying one.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

A lot of us have significantly reduced the intensity or frequency of our exercise after secondary school. We start living quite a sedentary lifestyle and this can heavily impact our overall health. 

I am definitely guilty of this because in my post-secondary education, co-curricular activities aren’t made compulsory and I no longer have physical education lessons. 


Health, be it physical or mental, offers a type of freedom that many take for granted. PHOTO CREDIT: CHANAN GREENBLATT VIA UNSPLASH


As we get busy with life, it seems like it’s tougher to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But it’s important to maintain your physical and mental well-being so you can have peace of mind striving for your ultimate goal. 

Let’s not forget how taking care of your physical health will also help improve your mental health. Start with healthier food, regular exercise and taking breaks when you feel overwhelmed. 

At first it will feel like a chore, but as you slowly turn it into a routine, you’ll start to appreciate these habits a little more.

Taking on new experiences

We often idolise cancelling plans and staying home accompanied by a tub of ice-cream. While this is nice every now and then, it’s good to step out of your comfort zone once in a while to experience something new.


Be brave and take on that opportunity that scares you. PHOTO CREDIT: PETER CONLAN VIA UNSPLASH


The more memorable stories that you look back on are the laughs you had when you missed a flight back home or when a friend trips and falls over nothing.

Experiencing new things in life are not just for memory’s sake. It also shapes you to be more courageous and open to new ideas. It can teach you how to be calm amidst uncertainty, which is a quality that is valuable in your career and life.

Forging meaningful relationships

Getting older and busier means a little less time for your friends and family. While you’re busy building your own life, don’t forget to keep close ties with your loved ones. 

Building deeper connections will make you feel closer and more secure in your relationships. This means talking about real struggles you go through and the wins you achieved. It helps you feel a little less lonely in your everyday routines, knowing who will always have your back. It’s like good things simply feel greater when you have people to share it with.


Spending quality time with friends and family helps to keep them close. PHOTO CREDIT: DUONG HUU VIA UNSPLASH


That said, we should also learn to be okay with some friendships drifting away. It’s perfectly normal as your priorities will constantly change and at this point in time, these may not necessarily align with theirs. So don’t feel bad about drifting apart – you’ll never know if they might come back in the future.

Your youth is the best time for you to kickstart your life with a plan. Besides, a goal without a plan is just a wish. Start preparing yourself for adulthood now and thank yourself later.

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