Four things all Singaporeans are unknowingly addicted to

The first step to getting over an addiction is to admit it.

Nurfaizah Faizuwan

Published: 10 December 2015, 11:58 AM

As a true blue Singaporean, there are a couple of things we do that are uniquely…for lack of a better word…Singaporean.

As much as we do not want to admit it, no other citizen of the world is as crazy as us when it comes to these things.

Here are the top four things that all Singaporeans are addicted to.

1. Rankings

What is up with Singaporeans and rankings? We are obsessed with lists of the best in everything. Best primary schools, best secondary schools, top PSLE students. Even the government’s recent efforts to cease the naming of top PSLE scorers did not stop parents from crowd-sourcing a list of their own.

Perhaps it is the kiasu nature in us and that strong sense of not wanting to lose that pushes Singaporeans to these extremes.

Must we be number one all the time?
2. Anything and everything that is free 

The word “free” is probably every Singaporean’s favourite word. It is also the best way to capture our attention. Free food, free bag, free vouchers…You would be surprised at what we Singaporeans are willing to do to get something for free.

And it does not stop there. How many of us are guilty of taking stuff from hotels? When you travel overseas, do you tend to take all the free amenities that are provided such as toiletries, toothbrushes, hotel slippers and bath robes? You would be lying to yourself if you answered no.

Even though the word “free” is one of the most persuasive words in the English language, it seems to be even more so in Singapore as compared to other countries.

This is how the aunties look like when they see a queue for free stuff. Photo Credit: IMGFLIP.COM

3. Queueing

Queueing draws almost everyone in. Heck, it could be considered as national sport because everyone, young and old, participates in queueing on a daily basis. We queue to get food, we queue to get seats, we queue to enter the MRT – we queue to do almost everything.

But what all Singaporeans especially love to queue for are limited edition items.

Just take a look at how the recent launch for the H&M x Balmain collection garnered quite a crowd – some people were queueing up to three days, and on the day of the launch, rushed in and bought every possible thing.
A common sight for those who take the MRT daily.

4. Boasting   

Singaporeans have mastered the skill of boasting without sounding like we are obviously showing off. You hear these Singaporeans almost anywhere, in the train, on holiday and most often, at family gatherings.

“The COE is so expensive nowadays but we still bought a new BMW anyway,” shared that annoying auntie that everyone rolls their eyes at.

I overheard this conversation at a tuition centre that I used to work at. This parent was casually telling another parent that her son got 99 over 100 marks for his Mathematics preliminary paper and she said unhappily: “If not for that one CARELESS mistake, he would have gotten full marks already!”
Something I would like to say to all you braggers out there. Photo Credit: IMGFLIP.COM

Geez, we get it, your son is super smart.

Like any other addiction, I think it is best if we Singaporeans take our competitiveness down a notch. I hope these kiasu obsessions do not tarnish Singapore’s reputable name.

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