Four signs that you are passive aggressive

Not that it really matters.

Stephanie Soh

Published: 15 June 2017, 7:58 PM

Passive aggressive people have existed since the birth of the Internet, providing both frustration and entertainment for us users.
You’ve probably seen them online — they seem to have mastered the art of being ambiguously expressive without dropping any names.
If you exhibit any of the four signs below, you might want to go easy on the “paggro” tweets and Instagram stories.

1. You have a big ego

You always hope that the other party will notice your posts, have a moment of self-realisation, and make the first move to apologise.
Most of all, you dislike how oblivious they are to their mistakes.
What you can do: This might be a good time to self-reflect. Keep in mind the saying: “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”
The other party may have offended you but you are not making things better by expecting everyone to somehow know that you are upset. It might be best to put your pride aside and tell them when something is bothering you.
I wonder if they’ll realise this is about them. PHOTO CREDIT: TWITTER


2. You shy away from conflict

You are not confrontational by nature and dislike creating tension. You fear the possibility that it would not only aggravate the problem but also ruin the friendship.
What you can do: If the issue really bothers you, it might be easier to bite the bullet. Regardless of how much you hate conflict, there will be times in life when confrontation is the best option. It is not that bad once you realise that most people are reasonable.
If you never try, you would never know. Living on the basis of “what ifs” is doing yourself a disservice.
Besides, if the friendship has such a weak foundation to begin with, maybe it is time to reconsider the friendship.
A basic 101 on how to live amicably. PHOTO CREDIT: TWITTER


3. You use your paggro thoughts to rationalise your feelings

You post your thoughts on social media as a way to build a stronger argument for when you eventually confront them, or to avoid acting instinctively.


Whether you use social media to build ammo or as a tool to avoid overreacting, come on. There has got to be a better way to organise your thoughts.


What you can do: Type it out into Notes or just use good ol’ pen and paper. From past experiences, the latter is great. Pro tip: ripping it up when you are done will give you great satisfaction.


If you are still angry, it is probably time to pick up your phone to talk it out.



Isn’t it easier to text the person directly? PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTH.SG/STEPHANIE SOH


4. You tend to brush these issues away

You are angry, but you keep insisting that it is not a big deal. You only rant to get it out of your system.
Trust me. If you have written four tweets and posted three Instastories on the issue, it is not a small matter.
What you can do: The frustration and angst will keep building up. When you eventually hit your breaking point, things aren’t going to be pretty.
Being honest about your feelings now would save you a lot of trouble in the future. It might even prevent you from burning bridges.


Now that you’ve read these signs, it is all up to you. Is being paggro still worth it?

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