Four sexting tips to save your life

Please learn how to save your own skin, literally.

Raphael Francisco
Raphael Francisco

Published: 19 November 2015, 9:29 PM

We are in the midst of a sexual revolution, and the enhanced connectivity available through smartphones has heightened this even further.

Recent surveys have shown that it is no longer uncommon for youths to send “sexts”, otherwise known as explicit messages or images, to partners, friends, and even strangers.

However, most youths do not understand the ramifications of sending such messages and images. A conversation or topless photo could be easily forwarded to other parties without your knowledge.

But if you must, here are tips on safe sexting.

1. Remove any obvious signs of your identity

If you sorely need to send a snap or two, ensure that you cannot be recognised at all. This can be done by cropping your face out, or any other parts of your body, that might give away your identity away easily. Do take note of your surroundings too.

Additionally, blurring photos are not effective as anyone can un-blur these photos with readily available software like SmartDeblur. To be safe, just do not include your face at all.

Do not forget, anything that is sent online can go to ANYWHERE and to ANYONE.

Safety rating: 4 out of 5 hearts




2. Use "smart" apps that delete your pictures instantly

It is easy to tell our partners to simply delete our pictures, but in the event of a break-up, who is to say they will not do anything with them?

Apps like Snapchat only allows your partner to view your photos for a limited time, as short as a few seconds in fact. This ensures that your photos are not leaked to other parties, and any potential attempt to do so will warn you.

However, there are some apps that are able to bypass these restrictions set by Snapchat, so you are not totally safe either when you send pictures of your “assets” to someone else.

Safety rating: 3 out of 5 hearts




3. Avoid using your office or school Wi-Fi

Anything shared via office or school Wi-Fi can be easily accessed, so be extra careful when you send sexts in these conditions. If your boss is familiar with IT, you can expect a very awkward conversation on your explicit indulgences during office hours to follow suit.

Do not take the risk of jeopardising your career or your partner’s. It is best to do this after office hours, or better yet, refrain from doing so at all.

Safety rating: 1 out of 5 hearts




4. Use a secure device

Avoid having your explicit conversations sent via platforms that can be accessed in multiple devices e.g. WhatsApp (Web), Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.

You would not want a raunchy Facebook message to pop up when you are watching a movie on your laptop with your friends. That would seriously leave you with much explaining to do, especially if they know who your partner is.

If you really must sext someone, keep it simple with text messaging.

Safety rating: 2 out of 5 hearts




In the grand scheme of things, we really think sexting is a bad idea and young people need to think twice before engaging in such acts.

These tips offer a safer way to sext, but ultimately the best solution is to stay clear from it. You could end up betrayed, humiliated, and depressed over short-term pleasures.

Is it worth it?

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