Four selfish ‘Covidiots’ with no consideration for others

A list of ridiculous people who put others at risk during COVID-19.

Winny Wint Htae
Winny Wint Htae

Published: 31 March 2020, 11:16 PM

As the number of COVID-19 cases rise globally, governments around the world have implemented stricter measures against the virus.

However, there are still people who have paid no heed to these measures. The term “Covidiot” was thus coined by the Internet for people who ignore the warnings for public health and safety.

Here are four Covidiots who put themselves and others at risk of contracting COVID-19.

1. Toilet seat lickers


Ava Louise (left) and Larz (right) licking toilet seats, calling it the “Coronavirus Challenge”. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM TWITTER


Taking the top spot for the biggest Covidiots are TikTok influencers Ava Louise and Larz, who were accused of being “clout-chasers” by the Internet after they posted clips of themselves licking toilet seats.

Despite the backlash they received from the Internet, neither of them seem to have remorse for their actions.

Ava Louise continues to tweet about licking the toilet seat and enjoys the attention she is getting (whether it is good or bad). Larz tweeted soon after posting the clip that he was “tested positive for Corona” but he was said to have faked it by Ava Louise in another tweet.

Something about the way these attention-seeking Covidiots lick the toilet seats tells me that this is not the first time they’ve done things like this… but I’m hoping that it’ll be the last.

2. Singaporean guy drinking from bottles on an NTUC shelf 


In the video, the Singaporean guy can be seen taking bottles from the drinks aisle of NTUC and drinking from them. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM TWITTER


A video of a Singaporean guy taking swigs from two drinks, captioned “how to spread Wuhan”, went viral after it was posted on an Instagram story.

The guy was filmed drinking from juice bottles before placing them back on the shelf while another guy behind the camera can be heard egging him on.

The post was soon taken down but viewers had already saved the video.

The two have since released an apology, explaining that the drinks had been bought prior to the video.

While I’m glad that these Covidiots have learned from their mistakes, this serves as a reminder to think twice before doing stupid things, since the shameful act will live on forever somewhere on the Internet.


3. People contaminating public spaces with their saliva


Spittle left on lift buttons at the Rumbia LRT Station. PHOTO CREDIT: SBS TRANSIT


Barely a month ago, a fair share of absurd things done by Covidiots, like spreading contaminated saliva in public places, circulated the internet.

A photo of lift buttons in Rumbia LRT Station that were covered in spit was uploaded online. SBS Transit addressed the incident on their Facebook page, calling the act “abhorrent even under normal circumstances” and that “in the present situation, it’s more than mischief”.

The transport company filed a police report and disinfected and cleaned the lift.

An update on the case later revealed that three 15-year-old boys were the culprits and could be charged with up to two years’ jail, a fine, or both if found guilty with the offence of mischief.


4. Bak kut teh man who breached Stay-Home Notice


The Facebook post of the man eating “local food” at a food court. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM FACEBOOK


A Singaporean man flouted his Stay-Home Notice (SHN) on Day 0 after returning from a three-day trip to Myanmar. He posted on Facebook that he was out and about, “feeling fantastic” eating bak kut teh because he thought that his SHN only started on Day 1.

This man seemed to have been really clueless about the fact that his SHN started on Day 0. Even though it may have been an honest mistake, he still flouted his SHN and put others at risk of a possible infection which fits the description of a Covidiot.

The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) responded that it is likely that he will be charged for flouting his SHN. I guess he isn’t feeling all that fantastic now after hearing about his possible charges.

More Covidiots could appear 

There is no doubt that more Covidiots will appear as people get bored of staying indoors and decide to do questionable things to keep themselves entertained.

Be socially responsible and help call out any Covidiots to prevent the virus situation from becoming worse for everyone.

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