Four self-care apps for the benefit of your mental health

Winny Wint Htae
Winny Wint Htae

Published: 28 April 2020, 10:01 PM

Is staying in for so long starting to take a toll on your mental health? Take care of yourself with these self-care apps.

Since the implementation of the circuit breaker measures on Apr 7, Singaporeans have been diligently following the measures and staying at home unless going out for essential matters.

Naturally, some of us have been feeling restless since we can’t go about our usual activities.

If weeks of staying in have affected your mental health, here are four self-care apps to help you take care of yourself!

1. Set encouraging reminders with Aloe Bud


The Aloe Bud app has different categories of notifications you can receive. PHOTO CREDIT: ALOE BUD’S INSTAGRAM


Aloe Bud allows users to set reminders to take care of themselves throughout the day. Some of the self-care tasks available on the app are prompts for users to remember to relax and breathe, eat a meal or even exercise. It helps for people who often forget to think of their health throughout the day.

You can choose to simply check in with a reminder after you have completed the self-care task. Otherwise, the reflection option allows you to reflect on how you accomplished your task.

All the reminders on the app are free but you will need to pay for the expansion pack of premium reminders and custom reminders.

2. Write journal entries in Jour


Log daily journal entries in Jour and reflect on your day. PHOTO CREDIT: JOUR’S INSTAGRAM


Jour is an interactive journal that allows you to choose the area you wish to focus on while journaling, such as achieving goals or trying out something new.

It also provides suggestions on how you can optimise the use of the app according to your goals.

The app also places importance in finding the little joys in life, by asking what has made the user happy and reminding them to think of ways to feel calm.

Writing daily entries is free on the app but you can unlock premium features like personalised guidance and audio-guided journeys by paying.

3. Spend time meditating with Shine


Shine gives reminders daily for different challenges you can do on the app. PHOTO CREDIT: SHINE APP


Shine is a meditation and affirmation app where users can listen to a meditation podcast and receive motivational messages.

You can also log a reflection each day to receive recommended articles, meditations and exercises to do according to your mood. There is even a user community on the app where you can discuss meditations with other users and support one another through the self-care journey.

4. #SelfCare


#SelfCare allows users to clean up the character’s room and even write encouraging notes to themselves. PHOTO CREDIT: #SELFCARE’S PINTEREST


#SelfCare promotes joy and self-connection in the form of a game where users can do breathing exercises and other forms of self-care tasks.

The relaxing and mellow atmosphere of the app allows users to calm down and do some self-care tasks as assigned by the game.

There are no scores, winning or failure in this game because the purpose is to help users take care of their mental health. There is even a cat that users can pet in the app!

With so many options for self-care apps, try downloading one or two to keep yourself mentally healthy throughout this circuit breaker period!

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