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Four reasons why you should (not) go for Laneway 2016

You could just Netflix and chill...

Andy Yong

Published: 26 November 2015, 2:23 PM

The St Jerome’s Laneway Festival is coming… again. *yawns*.

I mean, they have only been here every year since 2011. To put things into perspective, that was the year Steve Jobs passed and iPhones were all the rage.

So, if you prefer to Netflix and chill instead of going to a festival that could broaden your musical and cultural horizons, we totally get you.

That said, please scroll down if you need to come up with legit “excuses” to convince your friends why being a couch potato beats gallivanting on the hills at The Meadow on Jan 30.

1. “You can listen to music online, what?”

What is the point of catching a live performance when you have Wi-Fi and a laptop, right? It is practically the same thing!

Who cares about the live atmosphere, when your good ol’ headphones can “replicate” the same sound quality as the dozens of speakers and amplifiers at Laneway?

And why would you want to be surrounded by famous musicians and a huge crowd, when you can just stream all their albums online and sit all by your lonesome self on your toilet throne while crooning to yourself with a toilet roll? How fun.


Or Youtube. Yeah, just use Youtube.


2. “I already have enough friends, lor.”

Music festivals, like Laneway, are a fantastic place to meet new people who are sure to hit it off with you. The casual vibe of these festivals make the perfect setting to chat up like-minded strangers too.

Common topics to talk about? Checked.

Similar musical tastes? Checked.

But, you do not need any of that, right? Who even has time for socialising nowadays? You are probably better off doing something way more fun and productive like playing, hmm, Candy Crush?


Making new friends? Ain’t nobody got time for that!


3. “New music? I’ll pass.”

Laneway is famed for its ability to identify new musicians and rapidly rising indie acts. Previous Laneway editions featured musicians like HAIM, FKA Twigs, and Chrvches, who later secured prime slots in major music festivals like Glastonbury and Lollapalooza.

“So what?”, you may ask, “I’ve got my Billboard Top 100.”

Who needs refreshing new music when we can jam to, err, generic pop tunes? What Do You Mean you are tired of listening to Drake’s Hotline Bling. Hello? Focus! Okay Sorry I went a little too far, I should be Locked Away.


This sums up most of my conversations accurately.

4. “It is too far, lah!”
Laneway will be held at Gardens By The Bay, which is, literally, found at the end of the line. The Circle Line, that is.

Who cares about the sprawling green hills, the scenic backdrop of Marina Bay Sands, and the rare opportunity to rub shoulders with your favourite artists in the crowd? Or, if you are lucky, you might even get to snap selfies with your favourite acts when they wander around the festival grounds.

However, the hour that you need just to travel down is absolutely not worth your time, even though the location is relatively convenient as opposed to major music festivals elsewhere.


Nah… I am just kidding. We all know how reliable our trains are.


So, are you still going to Laneway 2016? We hope you will have an awful time.

Disclaimer: We hope you have a great sense of humour. By all means, please enjoy yourselves at Laneway 2016!

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