Four offbeat Instagram-worthy places to travel to in one day

Looking for quirky and unconventional locations for your feed? Look no further!

Brandon Chia
Brandon Chia

Published: 29 September 2016, 7:18 PM

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and realised all the backgrounds in the pictures seem so familiar? Yeah, we all have!

So here is a convenient travel guide to four offbeat locations that will fill up your day with cool experiences and your feed with new photos.

1. Raffles Hotel’s Iron Cast Fountain

Most of us would not even want to step into this hotel just because of how classy it feels. But give it a chance when you find yourself in the City Hall area.

This 19th century fountain is right smack in the middle of the Raffles Hotel compound. The true beauty and level of detail on it definitely amps up the elegance factor in any photo.

This fountain was relocated from Foodie Paradise, Lau Pa Sat.

Besides its Victorian charm, the Raffles Hotel is also the birthplace of our famous national cocktail, The Singapore Sling.

How to get here: City Hall MRT station – The hotel is behind Raffles City.

2. Golden Mile Complex

This four-decade-old building is perfect for those who are looking to grunge up their Instagram feed with rustic and 70’s architecture.

These run-down mail boxes are perfect for recreating iconic scenes from horror films like The Shining.

Most of us would dismiss this old and seemingly dirty building. But little do we know that on the inside this place is buzzing with Thai culture.

So do not make the trip here just for a photo. Golden Mile Complex has many authentic Thai foods such as boat noodles and Mookata among the street food and sweet delicacies.

You can even get your hair cut, washed, dyed and even extended…with real human hair (if you are comfortable with not knowing where it came from)!

How to get here: Stop at Nicoll Highway MRT station. Or take bus 100 from Raffles Hotel and alight opposite Golden Mile Complex.

3. Gillman Barracks

Our third stop is for all you artsy folk out there.

This 1930’s military camp ground is one of Singapore’s most predominant art clusters, with 12 art galleries that play host to several exhibitions throughout the year.

What makes Gillman Barracks so special? It will have to be the ever-changing artwork covering the exterior of the many different buildings.

All the blank spaces on this wall were filled in with coloured chalk by different people. Caution: It rubs off on clothing.

Tip: Get lost – literally – as you will never know what cool art pieces exist among the different alleys.

Aside from a continuous wave of art, Gillman Barracks will also keep you coming back for the food and drink options such as The Naked Finn and Timbre, which also provides live entertainment.

How to get there: Stop at Labrador Park MRT. Alternatively, take bus 100 from Golden Mile Complex’s bus stop and alight at the Alexandra Point bus stop.

4. Haw Par Villa

Last but certainly not least, Haw Paw Villa is the perfect mix of the weird, creepy and traditional.

The entire tourist attraction comprises of many different sculptures and even has an exhibit of the 10 Gates of Hell.

So if you are really into out-of-the-box photography, this is a go-to location. Haw Paw Villa is also great for comical photos as following the poses of the sculptures will certainly put a smile on anyone’s face.

Traditional statues like this one at the park’s entrance transport you to another world.

How to get here: Stop at Haw Paw Villa MRT. Or take bus 51/175 from right outside Gillman Barracks’ main entrance and alight opposite Haw Paw Villa MRT Station.

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