Four memorable pranks we Singaporeans kids played in school

Here is a throwback to some of the practical jokes we played when we were young and naïve.

Christopher Parwani

Published: 1 April 2016, 12:00 AM

Since we are just days away from April Fool’s, this gives us the perfect excuse to indulge in some mischief-making.

Let’s reminisce on some of the best pranks most of us Singaporean kids played in school.

1. Pointing lasers in class

We all have that one friend who brings a laser pointer to school for no darn reason. The funny thing is, we don’t bother asking why they do. We only want to know if we get to play with the laser, or not.


In this science class, several students pointed two lasers during a presentation to mess around with their teacher.
Photo credit: mylesputnam


We usually end up pointing the lasers on an unsuspecting victim who doesn’t realise that he has a red dot shining on his head.

And then, there are those who live life on the edge by pointing the lasers at their teachers and risk getting caught.



2. Spraying water from Nike water bottles

Silent, but deadly. These Nike water bottles were the most devious weapon any student could bring to school. All you need is a little aim, pressure, and swing. And water, of course.

The best thing about these water bottles? It spouts enough water to leave your victim’s uniform dotted with water marks, and he won’t even realise it.


Commonly used by marathon runners, these bottles are designed to cool athletes during their races.
Photo credit:


Alternatively, those who prefer guns blazing over stealth would spray water right in your face.



3. Hiding your classmate’s school bag


The reaction your friend makes when he realises that his bag missing.
Photo credit:


For this prank, all you need is that one mischievous classmate who rallies the whole class to hide the victim’s bag.

The best part is when the unlucky victim roams around class in confusion, looking for his beloved Spider-Man trolley bag.



4. The classic chair pulling


Some pranks are just not as successful as others.
Photo credit:


It’s simple yet effective. Just a small, sharp pull on someone’s chair is enough to set off waves of laughter. What he’s probably expecting is a sturdy and comfortable position for him to place his buttocks. But where he is actually headed is the cold hard floor.

By the time he realises that he is going lower than intended, his whole life flashes before his eyes.



These are just a few of the notable pranks most of us have pulled as kids. Share with us your favourite pranks you played in school or any unforgettable April Fool’s stories you might have in the comments below!

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