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Four life skills millennials need to survive an apocalypse

Start learning these things while you are still connected to the Internet.

Wan Munirah

Published: 20 March 2020, 12:00 AM

Now that the government has advised Singaporeans to defer all non-essential travel, what can millennials do to pass time?

I guess I could catch up on sleep or nurse my dying succulents. But there are only so many TikTok videos and Netflix shows to watch before I die of utter boredom.

That got me thinking – what if the world actually goes into lockdown one day?

Will I be able to survive an apocalypse when the day comes? Or win a toilet paper fight with an auntie at the supermarket?

Here are four life skills millennials should start picking up if they want to survive.

1. Cooking simple meals

Picture this: The world is in lockdown. Food delivery options are obsolete and it has been weeks since you ate something that did not come from a can. What else can you whip up other than instant noodles?

Cooking can be quite manageable once you get over your fear of getting cut by knives or being let down by lacklustre food after spending hours toiling away. I have been there. I can still remember the taste of my tears.

What helped me get out of that rut was watching cooking videos on YouTube. There are many recipes for one-pot pastas and three-ingredient meals, and videos that teach you six ways to cut an onion and other basic ingredients. Start learning now… while you still have Internet connection.


Knowing how to cook simple meals will come in handy when you need to eat to live.
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2. Housekeeping

During a potential apocalypse, it’s not just about staying home to minimise getting infected by viruses *coughs COVID-19* or running into zombies. Basic housekeeping duties are essential if you want to live longer, preferably in a germ-free environment.

Before you reach out for the cordless or robot vacuum cleaner, may I remind you that as with internet connection, electricity might be a scarce resource in an apocalyptic world?

Are the floors dusty? Pick up a broom and sweep. Just woke up? Make your bed. Manual household chores are good for you.

You gotta stay healthy even when the world is falling apart.

3. Basic sewing skills

Now is a good time to embrace the upcycling movement. No such thing as shopping online for new clothes when the world is on fire – all you have are the clothes on your back and whatever that is left at home.

The good news is you can now raid all the wardrobes, including your mother’s, to repurpose old clothes to suit your survival needs.


Try not to poke yourself while threading a needle.
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Knowing basic sewing skills like threading a needle and sewing a button can help you create an outfit that will blend you in with the zombies at your next supermarket run.

Speaking of supermarkets…

4. Conflict resolution

This is an important life skill to have when you start running out of supplies like toothpaste and toilet paper. Have you seen those viral posts of people filling up their shopping trolleys with rice, eggs and beer? Singaporeans have not resorted to fist fights yet but there’s no guarantee that it won’t happen in the apocalyptic future.

But when you’re a millennial who tends to avoid confrontation, you know you’re definitely on the losing end with supermarket aunties.


As with COVID-19, toilet paper might be highly sought-after during an apocalypse.
Photo credit: Youth.SG/Wan Munirah


Get over your fear of confrontation. Stand your ground and talk it out like mature adults. Be firm but assertive. Maintain eye contact.

If all else fails, distract them with easy auntie bait like free samples and hand sanitisers, grab whatever you need and RUN.

Humour aside, let’s all stay clean and healthy during this epidemic that is COVID-19.

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