Four Instagrammable spots to explore in Pasir Ris

'Arts in Your Neighbourhood' is back this March with a unique blend of exhibitions and photo-worthy backdrops!

Effie Tan

In love with skies and spicy food.

Published: 12 March 2021, 2:38 PM

If you don’t already know, Arts in Your Neighbourhood is an initiative by the National Arts Council to help Singaporeans experience the sights and sounds of their neighbourhood through art.

This programme, happening from Mar 11 to Mar 28, features an exciting showcase of visual arts installations and visual performances by local artists. This month’s showcase shines a spotlight on the beauty and history of Pasir Ris town. 

We followed The Story Of A Place Is In Its Name, a visual arts walking trail that tells the story of Pasir Ris by transforming everyday spaces into beautiful art exhibits. Here are four Insta-worthy stops we found along the way!

1. Escapade @Coffee Express Kopitiam by Jamie Teo

Think of coffee shops with beautiful ombre vinyl stickers on the tabletop surfaces – that’s exactly what you’ll be greeted with when you arrive at Coffee Express Kopitiam at Pasir Ris Drive 6. 

Inspired by the seaside neighbourhood and lush greenery of Pasir Ris, artist Jamie Teo wanted to remind people to slow down in this traditional setting and form a relationship between colours and our surroundings.


Slow down on your fast-paced routine and sip on your coffee. PHOTO CREDITS: YOUTHOPIA/EFFIE TAN


Escapade also uses the colour red to represent the brick walls of Housing Development Board residential buildings. Stop by to have a cup of kopi or teh peng on these photogenic tables and snap away!


Block 443 Pasir Ris Drive 6 (Coffee Express Kopitiam)

2. Escapade @the sheltered walkway by Jamie Teo

If you’re a fan of symmetric photo spots, this exhibit will surely steal your heart. Just a stone’s throw away from the coffee shop is a row of blue ombre walkway beams also created by Jamie.

These blue beams are created by mixing ten different shades of blue to form colours close enough to represent the sea and sky of Pasir Ris Park.


Walking through the walkway beams on each side gives a different gradient view and feeling of tranquillity. PHOTO CREDITS: YOUTHOPIA/EFFIE TAN


Imagine yourself relaxing at the park and spend some time enjoying this beautiful piece of artwork right in your neighbourhood. 


Block 130 Pasir Ris Street 11 (Sheltered walkway)

3. The Love Void by Divaagar

Ever came across a void deck dressed with flowers? This elegant void deck setup will surprise you!

Decked in floral wallpapers and decorated with bright artificial flowers, artist Divaagar wanted to invoke the happenings of love and the stories of void within an everyday space. 

This space was created to encourage passers-by to slow down and indulge in the beauty of the space when they walk past.


Come back to this void deck on a breezy night and you will have a romantic and cosy feel of this space. PHOTO CREDITS: YOUTHOPIA/EFFIE TAN


Be sure to snap away as this one-of-a-kind void deck will definitely brighten up your Instagram feed. In fact, if you play with your camera angles, no one will be able to tell that it’s shot at a void deck! 


Block 141 Pasir Ris Street 11

4. How Do I Remember You by Perception 3

The last artwork from the trail is a text installation painted by Perception 3, which consists of artists Regina De Rozario and Seah Sze Yunn

Upon witnessing Pasir Ris’ share of dramatic land transformations, the duo decided to paint 17 former street names on clean, minimal black walls to celebrate them.


You can colour coordinate your outfit with the minimal black walls for a more aesthetic shot. PHOTO CREDITS: YOUTHOPIA/EFFIE TAN


Don’t be surprised if you feel a gush of nostalgia as traces of these street names might evoke some personal memories. Strike a pose in front of these cool walls, and don’t forget to share your personal stories of Pasir Ris with your friends!


Block 144/145 Pasir Ris Street 11 (Void Deck)

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