Four adorable apps that will make you go ‘Aww’

From cats to alpacas, these four apps will brighten anyone's day.

Celestia De Roza
Celestia De Roza

Published: 1 June 2015, 12:00 AM

Tired of playing games that requires attention? These four adorable apps will spice up your phone usage without any commitment!

1. Fuwapaca 

Fuwapaca is an app from Hong Kong that makes you look forward to charging your phone! If you love alpacas, this is just the app for you. This app encourages you to charge your phone, and once it is charged (95 to 98 per cent), you will be able to collect an adorable alpaca.

The best part: every time you tap to collect an alpaca, it is a different one!

I mean look at them, just look at those faces!

Additionally, the app allows users to place their chosen alpaca as a widget on their home screen. Not only will this app encourage you to charge your phone, it is also a decorative app that makes your boring home screen look so much cuter.

Fuwapaca is available in iTunes and Play Store

2. Nekoatsume (ねこあつめ)

Nekoastume is a cat collecting app that will overload your emotional meter with cuteness. This app is a must-play especially for all cat lovers. The game is simple and easy to understand even though it is in Japanese.

The user interface will prompt and guide first-time users. However, it can be tricky to find this app and you might need to copy and paste the Japanese name (ねこあつめ).


Cats, cats everywhere
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Be sure to check back every few hours to top up food for your little mittens and snap photos of them for their album. Cats will leave silver and golden fishes for you to purchase in-game items, so save up enough to expand your backyard!

Nekoatsume is available in iTunes and Play Store.

3. Boiling OSSAN Eggs 

This app might not appeal to everyone, but if you think elderly folks are adorable, this is the game for you. Playing on our affections for the older generation, Boiling OSSAN Eggs is an app that lets you boil eggs and manually peel the shells, revealing a benign looking old man. Each egg has its own personality and back story which makes this app endearing.

Check out the catchy theme song:

Tango-tamago-tango! Are you singing along?

I once had an egg that worked as a salary man
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Remember to check back once your eggs are boiled, or they will be overcooked! If you are impatient, adding salt to the water will shorten the waiting time. Once you have filled up the first pan, move on to the second (bigger) pot to collect more OSSANS! Although it is in Japanese, this quirky and lovable app is easy to use.

Boiling OSSAN Eggs is available in iTunes and Play Store.

4. Finding Ojipockle! 

Finding Ojipockle! is a detective game that lets you collect cute miniature old men who are fairies. Sounds weird? Take a look at the introductory gameplay video below:

Help save these old men fairies by spraying special essence on them to replenish their fairy powers. These powers allow them to remain invisible to humans and carry on living peacefully. The closer you are to them, the more they will appear and leave food tokens of appreciation. Collect them all in their weird outfits:


Swan lake, kitty cat and a banker
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Finding Ojipockle! is available in iTunes and Play Store.

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