Forward Singapore Festival roadshows to take place till January 2024; highlighting Forward SG Report’s 7 key shifts

The series of roadshows comes after the conclusion of the 16-month-long Forward SG exercise.

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Published: 27 October 2023, 5:43 PM

A series of interactive roadshows – collectively titled the Forward Singapore Festival – will take place all around Singapore, starting Friday (Oct 27) at Gardens by the Bay.

It will subsequently move to the heartlands throughout the coming months and conclude at Heartbeat@Bedok on Jan 28, 2024.

The Festival seeks to inform the public on the Government’s planned policy shifts following the conclusion of the Forward SG exercise.

The exercise, which spanned over the last 16 months, collected around 200,000 Singaporeans’ concerns and hopes for the future via dialogue sessions, surveys, roadshows and digital platforms.

A report was launched to outline key policy recommendations to refresh the nation’s social compact for the years to come, based on Singaporeans’ desired future.

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Seven key policy shifts have been highlighted in the Forward SG Report – Embracing Learning Beyond Grades, Respecting and Rewarding Every Job, Supporting Families through Every Stage, Enabling Seniors to Age Well, Empowering Those in Need, Investing in Our Shared Tomorrow and finally, Doing Our Part as One United People.

To learn more about these key shifts, Singaporeans can visit the Forward SG Festival’s roadshows, which will each comprise three main highlights:

1. Exhibition Booths

A total of seven informational booths will spotlight the key policy shifts from the Forward SG Report, aforementioned above. They will also feature anecdotes shared by Singaporeans who participated in the Forward SG engagements.


Under ‘Embracing Learning Beyond Grades’, more attention will be given to children from lower-income families in order to “give every child a good start.” PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/EDWIN CHAN

2. 'Our Shared Future' Booth

This interactive booth allows visitors to create a custom avatar, travel through seven “key settings” and discover what the future of Singapore could look like with the implementation of the proposed policy recommendations.


Using the tablets provided, visitors to this booth can create their own customised avatar and “explore [Singapore’s] shared future”. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/EDWIN CHAN

3. Holographic Pledge Booth

A “virtual host”, River, will prompt visitors to choose and make a pledge that resonates with them at this booth. 

Visitors are encouraged to share their pledges and photos on social media with the hashtag #ForwardSG. 


Enthusiastic participants stand a chance to redeem a small token of appreciation. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/EDWIN CHAN


In order to reach out to as many Singaporeans as possible, the Festival will move throughout the island from now till Jan 2024.


There will be no roadshows in December 2023. SOURCE: FORWARD SINGAPORE


Members of the public are encouraged to continue contributing thoughts and ideas on how Singapore can work towards an ideal “shared future”.

More information on how to engage or partner with the Government is available on the Forward SG website and OurSG’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

In the meantime, further details regarding other Forward SG initiatives will be announced in the coming months and at Budget 2024. 

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